Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sappy and Happy! (but mostly sappy)

Two weeks ago, Andrew and I attended the, "It's Great to be Eight!" fireside with Henry. You'll be shocked to know that I was all kinds of teary throughout the presentation. Having watched two children prepare for baptism, I have to say that eight really is the proper age for this big milestone. My experience is limited to my own children, but I do observe their friends and church peers. I find that these sweet seven year old children are full of faith and excitement. They are old enough to understand the message of baptism and what it means to enter into a covenant with Heavenly Father. Each child is different, and I fully support the need for a child to come to this decision on their own; but I wanted to throw it out there that I have a testimony that the Lord, in all His wisdom, designated this special window of time to welcome these children into His true church.

Henry is my light! He is such a joy to me. His laughter fills our home. If there is an outburst of giggles in the car, at the dinner table or during an evening prayer (gasp!), Henry is one of the two children involved. He has a sensitive heart. He feels things deeply. One of my favorite things about him is he hardly complains. When I tell him it's time to do homework, I hear a cheery, "Okay, Mom!" It's such a gift. This is just how he is. Sometimes he grows distracted or forgetful (space cadet). But his heart is usually in the right place.I love him. And as we sat with him and watched the presentation, the Holy Ghost let that love encompass me fully. I so am grateful for this child and love that I get to be his Mom.
Henry, being Henry, at the dinner table.
Forrest wasn't super interested in eating his dinner, 
but he sure loved driving his trucks through it!

Cutie pie Lottie got to be the shepherd of her class lamb for a few days.
I was worried that I might have spoiled that special experience as
I gave into her birthday wish and bought her the exact same lamb.
Thankfully, it did not. 
She still thought it was fantastic to have 
her preschool's little lamb. 
Lottie definitely spoiled her while she was in her care.
My snow bunnies.
Aren't they cute?

We had a five day weekend recently.
And I felt bad, at first, that we didn't go on an adventure anywhere. 
But then I realized that all they need is their own backyard and each other.

Tonight I said to Andrew,
"These kids are crazy! ... but I'm so glad they are friends!"

I take that back actually.
The girls and I did go on an adventure last weekend.
We enjoyed a "girls day out" with my Mom, sister, and nieces. 

Celebrating my Mom's birthday, 
we went to the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch
and then the American Girl doll store!!
And surprise!
I made a video of our day out!
Click Here to see it.
You guys. 
I seriously love my Mom so much. 
I hated living far away from her and the rest of our family.
It was the pits.

It's strange to think about that now because I really loved being in South Carolina; 
and I still miss being there sometimes. 
Does that make sense? 

Anyway, I love my Mom and I love spending time with her.
This particular outing was very fun. 
Lottie was thrilled to be included.
Although she was good to remind me that she is still only five. 
The shopping mall proved to be a little overwhelming 
as she saw so many treasures!! 
Me and my dolly. 
I love her so.

Following those discoveries, was disappointment... 
as her Mom would not buy her all the wonderful things she saw! 

Eliza's doll Grace, however, received the full treatment! 
We took her to the American Girl doll store to have her hair fixed up.  
The process was darling. 
Here is Grace's before picture. 
And here she is "after" :) 
As for those boys back home,
They did a little four wheeling in the neighbor's field and ended up stuck.
Andrew would be embarrassed if he knew I shared that
but again, acting on my suspicion that he has quit this blog,
I thought I'd throw that tidbit in. 

Forrest thought it was awesome because it required 
the use of our neighbor's tractor to get them out!
When we got home, Andrew was making homemade cookies as a "thank you" 
to give to those who rescued him!

The boys also had a day out of their own. 
But that happened yesterday. 
It's a post that will be shared, sooner than later... I hope!

And finally, here are my youngest babies. 
We were invited on a special lunch date last week.
Forrest did a good job cleaning up his spaghetti!
(To be fair, a lot of it ended up on the floor.)

I like this picture of Forrest by this tractor because I had a realization that same day that I took it. 
He won't be my sidekick forever. 
Pretty soon, he'll betray me like the others all did and grow up! 
So rather than driving by the tractor in the parking lot, 
I got him out of the car to have a proper look.
I am making more of an effort to make these memories with him right now. 
We even went to our neighborhood playgroup last week. 
It was so interesting to watch him in that setting.
He's so much more reserved then when he is the "boss man" at home.

He may not remember these days the same way that I will,
so I will claim these memories for myself.
I have memories of my other two year olds tucked safely away.
And I cherish them. 
Motherhood is so wonderful. 
(I won't even add in the part where I say that it's challenging too...
because right now I just feel thankful. 
Which is code for: they are all asleep!)

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*Jess* said...

If only you could move your entire family to SC! I take my friend Sonya's son home from middle school and they just bought a home in your old neighborhood here. I think of you every afternoon when I pass by your old house :)