Monday, February 8, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo, Bubba's Birthday and Mom's next adventure

Reading blogs are so much fun when they begin with the (mis)adventure of a toddler. 
Forrest and his buddy thought it might be fun to go toilet papering the other day. 
After collecting the pile of toilet paper, I
 placed it in a clean garbage bag and put it next to the toilet. 
When my  kids protested having to pull it from the bag to use, 
I kindly reminded them that it was still unused 
and that each on of them did the same thing when they were little. :)

During the final week in January, we met Lottie's preschool class at the zoo for a field trip.  
We met up with some of her cutie pie friends and toured the zoo. 
I feel lucky because my kids have chosen great friends. 
As I visited with their Moms while cruising around the zoo, 
I couldn't help but hope that these friendships continue to grow! 
Forrest still brings up the fact that the train was closed during our visit.
 Another highlight, for Forrest, was watching the elephant go poop while standing close by. 
For me, I was much more impressed when the elephant painted a picture with his trunk! 
I had never seen anything like that before. It was great. 
Many of the animals were alert and active. 
The sun was out which made the cold morning air easier to handle. 

The merry go round was definitely the highlight of their morning. 
I sure loved spending the morning with them at the zoo.
Here's a cute Octopus Lottie made it school. She brings home very cute  projects regularly. 
I need to be better about taking pictures and sharing them. 

Our sweet Bubba turned 70 years old at the end of January. 
We spent a wonderful evening celebrating him. 
After having dinner and having him open his gifts, the birthday party shifted into a (surprise) retirement party. Past employees that worked with him at his foot and ankle clinic began showing up. 
He was definitely surprised. It was a very fun night. 
Happy birthday Bubba! 
We love you!!
Some of his grandkids... :) 
Because I'm obnoxious, I took a video of some of our family asking them why they love Bubba. 
Andrew, in the video, is clearly annoyed that I am pointing a camera in his face.
I'm sure he wasn't the only one. 
BUT! Future Ali would like me to know how much our future family members appreciate the time I spent recording family events. 
The other morning, I was taking Eliza to school extra early for choir practice. 
The sunrise was so beautiful but what you can't see, it that is was snowing hard too.
The combination of the sunlight with the snowflakes looked so beautiful. 
I wish that I had been able to capture it.

(birthday flowers for a new beehive)

In other news, a little over a week ago, I was called to serve 
in the young women's program as the second councilor.
I am thrilled. 
I am excited.
I am intimidated. 
I have never served in young women's before. 

I'm super comfortable in primary 
and love the sisters in relief society so much. 
I can't wait to get to know the young women better
but hope the bonding process goes smooth. 
Sometimes, I try to hard when I want someone to like me.
I end up talking too much in an attempt to be funny.
So, as I've thought it about,
I think it's best if I talk less and listen more.    

Combining my new calling with school is a little overwhelming. 
We'll see how it goes. I'm committed to this semester so it should be interesting
(or scary) to see how well I manage everything. 

Speaking of school, I recently participated in a group project. 
And for the record, "group projects" with online classmates 
is as inconvenient and frustrating as can be expected.
The high point of the project was involving my kids. 
I'm in a theatre arts class and we were encouraged to make our presentations
"theatrical" ... so my first thought was to use them!
This video that I shared with my class was only one part of my contribution, 
but the feedback from it was awesome; especially from my teacher. 
It was quite rewarding.
So if anyone is interested in learning about the four configurations of theatre, 
take a look! 

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