Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boys Club

I concluded my previous post by declaring that all was well and lovely in the land of Motherhood. I spoke of parental bliss and of the need to cherish memories. Feeling uplifted, I made a point to skip past my usual disclaimer of saying "motherhood is great...but it's such a challenge." 

And it came to pass... that the morning after I published that post, Forrest quietly crept into Lottie's bedroom, found her makeup kit and gave himself a stunning makeover.  
That my friends, is nail polish.
Not only was it all over his fingers and face,
it also was all over Lottie's carpet. 
Thanks to youtube, I was able to pull it out of the carpet myself. 
I'm pretty sure Moms deserve merit badges when they accomplish things like that. 
Oh my gosh, I am laughing just thinking about how cool that would be. 
I can see it now:

"Why yes, Virginia. I earned this badge the day that Henry shoved a popcorn kernel up his nose.
And this badge is from the time he swallowed a coin and I took him to Primary Children's for an xray."

(both true stories)

Moving on. January has come and gone. I was anticipating a monster storm of sickness to hit because that's what usually happens in January. Eliza had a small cold, but other than that we made it through unscathed. We have had some beautiful snow storms. In fact, right now as I type, it is snowing outside. Because my day to day routine does not require that I travel on snowy roads, I will tell you that I have welcomed each of these storms with enthusiasm. If it is going to be cold outside, it might as well look beautiful. And snow is beautiful.
January did have its emotional ups and downs. The highlights include a visit from Michael Auras, our beloved brother from Germany. He has made several appearance on this blog so his name should be familiar. In fact, we were living next door to him in Germany when I first started blogging. He came to Utah and invited us to the Provo City Center temple open house. We were happy that Bubba and Nanna Teresa came too. It was a special morning. This is the third temple open house that I have been able to attend with our children. The other two were the Brigham City temple open house (I found out I was pregnant with Forrest that morning) and the Ogden temple open house.

It was beautiful. I loved watching my children's faces as they took in its majesty.

Eliza's not looking at the camera,
Henry is yawning
and Forrest is about to blink. 
Even so, I LOVE this picture.
My favorite moment was when the tour completed and we were led to a room with a statue of Jesus Christ.
Forrest stared up at Him and said, "Jesus!" over and over. 
It really touched me. 

After our visit to the temple, we stopped by Krispy Kreme donuts and then went to Costco for lunch. Clearly, we were trying to "Wow!"our foreign guest. I think he was impressed with the low price of the hot dog and drink and likewise amazed by the warehouse. They don't have Costco in Germany. I'm super glad we could provide him with that experience. ;) 

That afternoon, the boys, Michael included, went to Monster Jam downtown. This was another big first for Michael. Bubba, Uncle Brent and cousin James also came. They had a great time.  
The video I'm about to plug sincerely is entertaining. Forrest asks to watch it all the time.

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