Monday, February 15, 2016

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Crazy Mom

I noted on instagram last week that the best part of the super bowl were the snuggles I received from Lottie. As I've observed before, she is the most affectionate of my children. It's not that the others don't like to cuddle, because they do, but she is always looking for ways to initiate cuddle time with Mom. I love that about her.
So we cuddle, and take selfies.

The next day, she came home from preschool not feeling well.
(please note: the 'Beanie Boos' next to Lottie are all Forrest's.
He placed them beside her to offer comfort. So sweet.)

Lottie had a fever for three days straight. At one point, I was convinced she had strep throat. She hadn't developed a cough or other cold-like symptoms. So I took her to the doctor's office. She was our first "sick child" appointment of 2016. So of course, because I took her in, she did not have strep. The next day, she woke up fever free. And thankfully, the other children have stayed well.

Her illness reminded me of a few things. My mom instinct is faulty at times. I am okay with this; especially since I was happy that the strep germ wasn't alive and well at our house. In fact, since Eliza had her tonsils removed in 2013, we have not had strep at our house! The other thing Lottie's illness reminded me is that I still suffer from bouts of crazy.

The second night of her fever, she woke up asking for more Tylenol. It was 3:12 a.m. I remember the exact time because after I tucked her back in bed, I could not fall back asleep. It was terrible. Here's why: I had school obligations weighing on my mind. Valentine's Day was quickly approaching and I had not done a thing to help my children with their school preparations. I was having cell phone drama. I had a young women's activity coming up that day (!!!!!!). I knew that with a sick child, I would not be able to run errands. In fact, I tried going the amazon prime route but because I was so off my game, nothing I needed would have arrived in time for their Valentine class parties.

So instead of going back to sleep, I let my stress stew in my brain. Finally, at 5:00 am, I decided that if I was going to be awake, I was going to start checking things off my list. I took a quick shower and went grocery shopping while Andrew and the kids slept. I was exhausted, my hair was still damp... I'm surprised I didn't end up with pneumonia and it was cold outside. But I got somethings done which helped a lot. Andrew was also working from home so he was able to help out in different ways.

Tuesday morning, February 9, the kids were just about ready for school when Eliza gasped,

"It's the last day of Chinese New Year! And we're supposed to dress up!" Darting upstairs, we started going through their collection of clothes from Nanna Teresa. Nanna has been collecting things for them for awhile now! In fact, she went to China last fall and came home with some very fun treasures. Quickly, the kids changed clothes and kindly allowed their Mom to take a few pictures.

Here's what's funny. After sharing some of these photos on social media, a few friends of mine said they had no idea the kids were supposed to dress up. It turns out that it was just Eliza's teacher who had made this request. We both assumed that it was a school wide thing, so Eliza and I encouraged Henry to dress up too. It turns out, he was the only one in his class that dressed up. He was a pretty good sport about it and I got some darling pictures, so I'm happy!

At parent teacher conference, Eliza's Chinese teacher asked her to recite a Chinese myth. It was so neat watching her tell this story in Chinese. After bribing her to the max, (a five minute back scratch from Mom), she agreed to tell me the story on camera. Here's a link to that video.


rachel garber said...

I love listening to her speak in Mandarin! I am just so impressed and jealous of that school.

Andrew Flegal said...

Bing bong

Andrew Flegal said...

Bing bong