Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

February 12, 2016
My Love Bugs

In today's edition of, "Look what Forrest did!" we spy a little boy who has been caught finger painting with... wait for it... TOOTHPASTE!
Usually, I am the parent on duty when Forrest finds something fun to play with. However, on this day, I was grocery shopping. While at the store, I received a text from Eliza that read: "Hey Mom. You might want to pick up some extra toothpaste." I thought that was odd because we had just opened a new tube. Less than a minute later, Andrew sent me the photo of Forrest. :) Because I wasn't responsible for cleaning the mess up, I laughed out loud in the middle of the frozen food aisle.

Forrest's objective isn't to make us mad. He is curious. In fact, I remember that when Andrew blessed him as a baby, he said that he would have a "vibrant curiosity." He then blessed him to use his talents to build up and not tare down. What Forrest loves best in a situation like the one you see here, is to drive his toy cars and tractors through the toothpaste (or lip gloss, vaseline, etc). He loves cars so much and finds joy in driving them through new and exciting terrains. That boy needs to be reunited with his sandbox as quickly as possible!

Turning our attention to Valentine's day, in my previous post I wrote about how the kid's class parties crept up on me. By the time I had this huge mess on my table, I was feeling a bit better. We had work to do but the decision making and the gathering of supplies was done.
This mess evolved into these cute valentines.
"I'm so glad we are in the same class" - Lottie
Star Wars Tic Tacs: "Yoda one for me" etc... - Eliza
"Happy Valentines Day Love Bug" XO: Henry
All of these ideas can easily be found on Pinterest.

The kids looked super cute the morning of their class parities. Forrest followed us outside and insisted that he be in each picture. His pajamas coordinated nicely, don't you think?

Observing my level of stress, Andrew offered to help Henry with his Valentine's box. It's a green lego. Henry was so proud; especially of the way his box opened. 
The week of Valentines, Lottie's class was learning about the post office and mailmen. I thought their valentine envelopes were pretty cute. A real mailman came and picked up valentines that the kids mailed from preschool to their loved ones. 
While the kids were busy enjoying their school parties, Forrest and I were invited on a play date! Maren invited some friends over to decorate cupcakes. The kids were so adorable. Forrest felt very special at his "prayed boot" - that's Forrest speak for "play group"

Being involved with school and young women's, I have days where I feel a need to "prove" myself as a Mom so I decide that making Valentine cookies with my kids, as an example, is a good idea.
It was a two day affair. And even though I ate too many cookies myself, I'm glad we did it. Making cookies was fun but that's not what makes me a good mom. Having patience when an argument breaks out, really listening to my children when they are speaking to me and making sure my actions match my words in expressing how much I love them, is what makes me a good mom. I fall short all the time, but I'm trying.

Contradicting everything I just typed, look at the cute Valentine I gave my kids...
I enjoy holidays - mostly - and enjoy buying myself flowers. The kids opened up valentine beanie boos to add to their "meager" (ha ha) collection.
It was adorable watching the four of them play with each other and their beanie boos Sunday morning.
As for my official Valentine, Andrew J. Flegal, he and I have a special (week!) long date next month. We decided to celebrate Valentines day (and our anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, etc) on our trip! I can hardly wait. I sure love him.

Here are a few videos of our Valentine happenings.


*Jess* said...

LOL at the toothpaste! What a happy Valentine's Day for you guys!

Maren T. said...

Andrew tickling Forrest melts my heart