Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Storm of Sick

The wave of sickness that I had expected to hit in January finally arrived. An ugly torrent of fever, coughs, chills and fatigue washed through my little Fleglets. My heart hasn't had a moment to beat soundly as my worry has bounced from child to child. 
Illness, as I'm constantly reminded, is unpredictable and unforgiving. For Eliza, she spent a few miserable days with a barf bowl at her side. The other flu like disaster hit her siblings and had them couch bound for days. Eliza, however, was spared. In turn, the younger three kids were spared the barfs. Enough time (two weeks) has elapsed so I feel safe typing that last sentence. Well...maybe I should "knock on wood" just in case.

Henry's illness included blood shot eyes. Lottie and Forrest both had intense nose bleeds. Forrest is still at the tail end of his illness and has had a random rash; but currently I suspect that he's allergic to something outside in our yard as it usually crops up after he's played out there. Wouldn't that be ironic if Forrest turns out to be allergic to nature... because his name is Forrest? ;) Geez, I sure hope not.

Before the storm of sick hit, we had some good days. 
President's Day 2016  

I would have sent my kid's to school on President's day if it hadn't been for Eliza's reminder. I was caught off guard Sunday night when she said something about returning to school on Tuesday. Ha! Caught off guard? Imagine that! I felt guilty that I hadn't planned anything special for us to do. It's okay because with Eliza at the helm, there's always something going on. She had all these kids painting by 9:30 am! And their day together continued to be a pretty great one. 

The following weekend, Eliza was my date as we went to watch the musical, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." I'm taking a theatre arts class this semester (which I love, by the way) and had to go see a theatrical production. What a terrible assignment, right?! It was a special night. We really enjoyed ourselves. For anyone who wants to read my official write up, let me know and I'll e-mail you a copy. ;) 
Returning to school has been challenging. At times I have felt like an "old lady" as I'm not caught up in the latest forms of technology. However, the one thing I will say for myself is that I am comfortable writing a paper. I assure you that I re-read and edit my work more thoroughly than when I spit out a blog post. But! I'm thankful for my blog because it has kept my writing skills polished. I dare say that I am a better writer now than I was ten years ago. Having made that claim, I kindly ask that you don't use this particular post to judge said skills. 

While on the subject of school, another thing I love is the relationships I have with my teachers. This might sound silly, but because I'm a people pleaser, I really like when I get positive feedback from them. With my theatre teacher especially, I feel like we have a fun student/teacher relationship despite the fact that my class is taught online. I thought it would be unlikely to form a relationship where you felt like they understood and valued you as a student; but I am here to say it can happen in the online realm. I feel lucky because my teacher's are smart, patient and make me laugh out loud. 

Speaking of "special" teachers, I have a story for you. A few weeks back, I attended my first young women basketball game. Fond memories came rushing back from when I used to play with the fantastic Canyon Rim 4th ward. I am not an athlete, but I still remember the joy of being apart of that team. So, when I first saw how sad our attendance was, I felt the need to motivate our girls to come. Our ward's name is "Eastwood" so I kept joking with Maren that we should be the "Eastwood Beavers." Having not slept well the night before, the concept of being a beaver kept making me laugh. The following Sunday, I told our girls that if we got eight girls to come to our next game, the final week of the season, I would come dressed as our  mascot. The girls showed up! We had thirteen girls come! Despite a week of crazy, and thanks to my Mom who made me a beaver costume last minute, I delivered on my promise. 
Recently Eliza finished this cute penguin at sewing. She's really enjoying learning to sew. 
Also, before the great storm of sick, I took Forrest to an open house at the Little Red School house. It's sad to think my baby will be starting two-day preschool next fall. However, his speech therapist and I both think it will be a great thing for him. As an update, she is only coming two more times before he turns three in May. She thinks he's grown out of his "need" for speech therapy. We're all so proud of Forrest. I'm grateful that this service was available to help us. If anything, I feel I benefited most as Jill taught me exercises to implement in our day-to-day conversation with Forrest to help him. 
And then it hit. 
"Mom, can you please cut me some apples...?" 
She was out before she could take a bite!
There was  a lot of sleeping. 

We did escape outside whenever they felt well enough. 
The first thing he asks to do each morning is to go the "chicken house"

But when there's no energy to visit the chicken house,
you know he's a sick, sick boy. 

Before Henry fell ill, we spent an afternoon at the Ogden Temple
with the fabulous Brooke Fuit to take pictures for his upcoming baptism. 
These photos were taken with my cell phone. 
I'll share the ones she shot when I receive them. 
That's Henry's first "suit jacket"
if that's what it's even called.
Man, I sure thought he was handsome. 
The poor boy had to deal with a lot of Mom smooches that day. 

I'm so excited for him to be baptized. 
I'm so proud of him and the testimony he is growing. 
He seems to really enjoy our scripture reading each day. 
A few times, out of the blue, he has mentioned that it makes him happy.

But then like the younger kids, he got sick too.
He missed three days of school.
That's the first he's missed all year. 

One of those days, we didn't have power for six hours,
because there's a lot of construction happening down our street. 
We knew the outage was coming, 
but man did the timing feel terrible.
With the illness they had, I didn't have any problem letting my kids watch shows 
while they rested on the couch. 

The morning passed and ended up being one of our better days.
Fueled up on children's ibprofen, 
we took a walk down the street and watched the tractors in action. 
Henry bounced back first, even though this all began with Lottie. 
Lottie was happy to make it back to school for "spirit week"
Crazy hair and crazy sock day!

Pajama day!
Her golden curls kill me. 
So does Forrest's cheesy smile!

I would say that I think we are "out of the woods" 
but I have a husband sick in bed upstairs.
He was up several times last night with chills and a sore throat.
Man-babies are the most temperamental of all patients!!
(ha, just kidding! - kind of)

The day we didn't have power, I made a video
of what the kids did to help keep themselves entertained:
including our visit to see the tractor. 

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I'm so glad everyone is feeling better and on the upswing of things! I cannot believe those gorgeous mountains are your scenery every day!