Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Easter Love

Here's a look back at this year's Easter celebrations:
Forrest is one of the big kids now. :) He's a real participant when we're doing activities like this. However, his understanding isn't at their level. After posing for this picture, he took a big bite out of one of the eggs. Disgusted by the vinegar soaked egg shell, he quickly spit it out! He makes us laugh and adds such joy to our family activities. I love him.

Easter Sunday at Church:.

Wanting to share some Aloha spirit with the kids, I thought it would be fun to buy them Hawaiian clothes for their Easter duds!
They looked adorable. Forrest's shoes deserve an honorable mention as he and I went to battle in a BIG way that morning. I presented him with two pairs of nice brown sandals to choose from. He was adamant to wear his "Sunday shoes" like his brother Henry. Hearing him, I said that would be fine as long as he wore his Sunday pants, like Henry. He responded with a resounding,

"Nooooooo!!!!" And so it began. I tried every trick, bribe, threat... I broke all the rules! But that child held firm. And I had to be on time to Church as I was speaking in Sacrament meeting. So he won that round. Now when I look at these picture, it makes me smile.
I felt good about my talk. I don't remember much of what I said, but people were very kind. I'm mostly happy because it's over!

Easter weekend, Henry got to know his new bunny which he named, Bunny Bee.
After church, my family came up for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. Again, Forrest proved to be one of the big kids. He was DARLING to watch and stole most of my attention during the hunt.
Here's today's round of Easter videos:
Being a Mom is rough some days, but oh man, the good days are GOOD! Here a few more pictures, because why not!?

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