Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Maiden Voyage to Lagoon!

To my poor, neglected blog,

Despite what you think, I have not forgotten you. You are on my mind more than you'd think. Life has been on super speed as of late. The kids are growing up way too fast and I can't find the "pause" button anywhere. Each day, as a sweet, sour or silly moment unfolds, I promise myself that I will "write it down." These promises are empty because I have not been taking the time to write. I miss it. I want to be better and hope to do better. Please forgive me. Today, I'm going to start with a memory from March 26th.

It was the opening day of Lagoon. We surprised the kids (see the video below) by taking them. They had no idea! As for me, I had no idea it would be so darn cold. I was grateful I packed hats and gloves for the kids. I learned quickly that I didn't dress myself warm enough. The sun was out, which saved me, and the kids didn't seem to mind the chilly weather.

We had a great morning together. The best part of our visit was that we were home by 2:00 and able to put Forrest down for a (much needed) nap. As for a memorable moment, I'll share two. We found a picnic table in Pioneer Village where we had lunch. To our great delight, a friendly peacock joined us. It was neat to watch him up close. Even more fun, was watching my family react to him.

The peacock encounter helped Andrew, I think, forget he was in an amusement park. To his credit, he's been very positive about having a season pass. Soccer season and unpleasant weather has kept us away since, but we hope to get back soon.

The other major moment was riding Cannibal for the first time with Eliza. She was pretty brave until right before. When I saw her nerves, I realized that it was up to me to be brave and encouraging. Up until that moment, she'd been the one trying to settle my nerves. It was an exciting ride, to say the least, and I loved sharing it with her.

Henry's in an interesting spot because he still likes the kid rides and is learning to like the bigger coasters. He's always been brave, but I don't think he was super thrilled by the white roller coaster. It's quite bumpy and he didn't feel super secure in his seat (even though he was). It will be interesting to see how spends his time there this summer.

Lottie was thrilled to be back at Lagoon and Forrest was super fun to watch. He was brave! His favorite may have been the jeep ride! When we were leaving the park that afternoon, he just sobbed. He was so sad to be leaving Lagoon. We tried our best to explain that he'd back again soon. We better make good on that promise!

(Forrest's first ride at Lagoon, Bulgy the whale!)

Hoping to end things with a smile, take a look at our season passport pictures. One of these things is not like the other. ;) 

Here are two videos: First is the surprise announcement that we were going to Lagoon. The second video is some footage from our lunch with peacock.

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