Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring Break 2016

For Spring break, the kids and I decided to tag along on one of Andrew's work trips. Of all the places he travels, St. George holds the most appeal. There was a learning curve as Andrew had to balance work with a hotel room full of children; eager for entertainment (I include myself in this)! Even so, I think our first attempt at pulling off such a trip was a success.

The drive to St. George was pretty seamless.

Ha ha ha! Clearly, that's not true. Let's try that sentence again. Ahem:

The drive to St. George was pretty typical. We had a few hiccups along the way, but the important thing is we arrived safely. :) After picking up pizza, we drove to our friends, the Phillip's, home in Washington City. Andrew and Dave were good friends throughout college. They worked together at Teraflex. Dave's wife Emily was so welcoming and accommodating as our plans kept shifting. After having dinner, we went swimming at the Washington City community center. I was so impressed and incredibly jealous as I looked around this facility. I totally wish we had one where we live!
Our kids became instant pals.
Just ask Lottie. It was a great way to get some wiggles out after spending the day in the car.
And in Forrest's case, it was a great way to rinse off sticky ice cream. 
We loved the water slide and the lazy river too. 

After showering the kids off, we changed them into their pajamas and headed to our hotel. The next morning, I took the kids to a park while Andrew did some work from the hotel. 
Coming back to the hotel, he took our car to go visit his customers while I took the kids to the swimming pool. The kids were thrilled that they had the pool to themselves. 
After swimming, we got ready to meet Dad for lunch. We took the kids to a nearby Chik-Fil-A and then drove to Snow Canyon State Park.
"What's up?"

We had plans to do a hike or two, but the kids were so content playing in the sand that we stayed there the entire time. 

I mean...come on! This kid was in heaven!
I'm glad we brought our sand toys, shovels and chairs. 
That's all they needed (and maybe a little water and sunscreen)!
Henry was so dedicated to digging a big hole.
He was tireless. 
I was pretty proud of his dedication. It was a hot day!
It even had room for two.
Andrew finished out his work day in the car, I felt sad for him, but was able to join us around 5:00 pm; which made me happy.
After Snow Canyon, we went back to the hotel. Andrew took the kids swimming for the second time that day while I had stayed up in our room to shower and enjoy some "alone" time. I wasn't away from the family too long, but it was nice to have a few moments by myself. I'm sure you understand this. :) 

While I showered the kids for the second time that day, Andrew went across to the street to Cafe Rio and brought it back to the hotel for dinner. 

The last day of our trip, Andrew took the day off from work. After we checked out of the hotel, we drove to Zion's National Park. Because we have a fourth grader, we made it into the park for free! Awesome! 

We enjoyed a scenic drive through the park before hopping on a shuttle. I enjoyed chatting with the family behind us on the bus. In general, I really like meeting people. Our hike that day was to the lower emerald pool falls. I was surprised at how crowded it was. The secret must be out. Zions National Park is stunning. We even bumped into Henry's first grade teacher. That sure made him smile!

After our hike, we made our way back to the car. We had a big drive ahead of us. It was a quick trip but I think we filled our time well. It was nice to enjoy our first family vacation of 2016 together. I'm eager for another trip! But first, we've got to get all of this school business out of the way!

Here are two videos with footage from our trip.

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