Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Big Kid Life

Eliza's birthday is fast approaching! I can't believe she is almost 10! With her paving the way forward, we've experienced some big milestones. These days, what feels surreal to me is repeating these same milestones with subsequent children. Henry's baptism is an example of an occasion where I felt like our family had just done this with Eliza! As for Miss Lottie, these milestones seem to be coming all at once. Despite having some experience under my belt, I am not ready for her to grow up.
The emotions were strong when Lottie's Kindergarten registration packet arrived in the mail. Among those feelings, I tried to focus on the one labeled "excitement." Mustering as much of that feeling as I could, I remember pulling her aside in the kitchen and showing her what had arrived.

"Oh my goodness! Lottie! Guess whose name is on this envelope?" Her big brown eyes grew wide. A smile quickly formed on her lips. She knew it read her name.

"Charlotte Flegal!" I said aloud. "And it's from Uintah elementary!" I gasped! "What could Uintah Elementary want with you?" Despite how it sounds, I was not channeling my inner Petunia Dursley.

Dentist appointment number 1! 
The addition of Forrest to this photo 
makes me even sadder 
because I know that in another five minutes,
we will be at the dentist for his Kindergarten check-up! 
Minnie Mouse kept her brave.
"They want me to go to Kindergarten!" She exclaimed! And with the arrival of that envelope, we set out on that familiar road of preparation: dentist appointments, collecting and filing out paper work and kindergarten shots! She knew shots were likely to happen prior to her appointment, but thankfully, her apprehension was low. Her appointment went well. With the exception of the shots, I think she quite enjoyed herself. As for me, I was especially pleased when she passed her vision test with flying colors. After having two other children who both have serious, albeit opposite, issues; I am so grateful that her vision is great. Hopefully that won't change.

She had two pokes that day and man, did she HOWL! Henry cried a little during his shots, but Lottie SCREAMED! She recovered quickly and soon added this experience into her arsenal of dramatic stories to share with her preschool friends.

As I said, I am emotional over the thought of her beginning Kindergarten next fall. Evidence of this can be found on my cellphone's camera roll. Many of my photos currently feature her. It must be my frail attempt to try and freeze time. I want to freeze her, right now, exactly how she is. How could we possibly love and adore her more?
Tiny dancer

And although Kindergarten in our area is only half day (Hallelujah!), things change in a big way on that first day of school. (*SOB!)

Shifting gears a little; when I look at these photos of Lottie they remind me that I'm trying to say "yes" to things I normally wouldn't. This doesn't mean that I'm giving into extra treats or letting the children stay up super late, but when they ask for a play date, rather than making an empty promise, I'm trying to be better about following through in arranging them.
When they ask to help me paint I say, "Go get a smock" rather than, "Sorry, love, but it's a Mommy job."
"Did she really just say, yes?" 
P.S. This painting project was for Forrest. He recently  moved out of his crib and into a big boy bed. Ugh. I've already whined too much in this post. I'll save the, 'great bedroom swap of 2016' for another post.
"I'm a robot, Mom!"
I laughed and laughed. 
I love that he is talking and can tell me what's going through that cute little mind of his!

Since this post is already so "Lottie heavy" I'm going to include some soccer pictures.
She is so fun to watch! Last week was a favorite because after scoring five goals at her game, we ended our morning at Eliza's game. She must have been exhausted, because when it was time to go, I found her like this:
She was out!! 
I don't know how she managed to sleep in that position, 
but it reminded me of this post of Eliza.
Looking back at that throwback photo of Eliza is crazy! 
Look at how she has grown! 
I remember those Carolina days so clearly. 
In this photo, she is holding a recently sewn penguin. 
These warriors were in a showdown with their brothers. 
It was a classic case of girls against boys! 
There was some intense action!

Eliza and Lottie now share a room. So far, there have not been any "incidents." Eliza's been gracious as she's welcomed her new roommate. As for Lottie, she is over the moon by her new living situation. What makes my heart happy is seeing them play make believe. That particular window is closing as Eliza is more tween than kid, most days. But earlier this week, I saw Eliza kneeling beside the bathtub where Lottie was bathing. They both had a mermaid barbie and were playing together. That sight, for me, is a childhood wish fulfilled.

As for my cute boys, they deserve mention.

I love having Forrest pal around with me on errands. The other day, I looked in the cart to see that he'd made himself quite comfortable. :)
Henry became a Scout on his 8th birthday. I am realizing what a big world Scouting is and am excited (and overwhelmed) that he's suddenly apart of it! He has really enjoyed himself so far! 
As for this big boy, he was asked to speak in Stake Conference in the adult meeting on Saturday night. His talk was on fasting. And wow, he did a great job. I was a super proud wifey.

 Our kids alerted a neighbor to a leaking sprinkler. He was so grateful for their help that he dropped by a bag of life savers, a cute card and gift card to McDonalds. They were thrilled!

 My tag line when I first began my blog in 2007 remains true today: "Life is good, what more can I say?" To this I would add, thank you Heavenly Father.

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