Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dancing Queen

When it comes to blogging, narrowing a batch of 1,000+ pictures (sliiiight exaggeration) that relate to a particular post down to 20 is a difficult task. That process is even more challenging when the subject of your post is Lottie in her dance costumes.

The combination of poofy skirts, bright colored sequins, ridiculous sized hair bows and shiny black shoes is too much. She is so cute; I can hardly stand it. Still, I was diligent and tireless as I perused my camera roll in search of my absolute favorites.
Baby Take a Bow
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

My experience at last year's concert opened my eyes to what it means to be a dance Mom. Eliza danced when she was younger but I don't remember the practices being as involved as Lottie's. Fortunately for us, last year, she was among the youngest dancers on stage. After their practice, we were excused. It was clear, however, that some of the older dancers would be at these rehearsals for 5+ hours. Yikes! 

Being involved in two dances this year meant we'd be there a little longer. It wasn't terrible. We were  prepared. However, that first evening rehearsal came the night after I returned home from girl's camp. Andrew was out of town on business which meant that Lottie's entire support team, her siblings, had to come as well. I was pretty tired myself as I still hadn't caught up on sleep. I didn't intend to turn this into a sob story. So forgive me...what I'm trying to say is that the hassle of it all was made worth it in the two minutes she was up on that stage.

The video I'm sharing was recorded at her dress rehearsal. She had a small slip up that night, but during her performance, she nailed it. We were so proud of her.  

It was so fun that she was able to share the stage with one of her best friends, Millie. They weren't in the same class this year, but hopefully next fall they will be. Both of their classes learned the same dance numbers which is why they were able to perform together. 
She was pretty patient with all of my picture requests. Flegal children get used to that one real quick.
Lottie, you are a star! We sure love you!

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