Thursday, June 9, 2016

Move over May...It is June! (finally)

May has come to a close! I wish I could follow that sentence by saying that I'm breathing a giant sigh of relief.  Despite my best efforts to stay on top of things, it was a crazy month. In addition to Forrest and Eliza's birthdays, we had several "endings" to celebrate as a family. Now that I think about it, we also enjoyed one special "beginning." Memorial weekend we made our maiden voyage to the cabin as a family. For me, that trip marked the beginning of summer. And while I relished the time we had together, the preparation and clean-up (which I haven't touched yet) was a lot of work. Unplugging from the real world, focusing entirely on my sweet family, was therapeutic for me. But since then, I've returned to the real world and have a big list of 'to-do's' to get after. I'll blog about our trip in greater detail in my next post. 

Girl's camp is days away. I feel overwhelmed as I think about what that entails as a leader and for my family. I'm sure my kids will be just fine but I hope to have things squared away for them before I leave. Right after camp, Lottie has her end of year dance recital, complete with long evening rehearsals leading up to the big show. The moment following her performance is when I will truly be able to relax, or at least I hope! I don't want to be a ball of nerves between now and then. I tell myself that the secret is to find joy in the madness of it all and in pacing myself. To be honest, I'm not sure what that means exactly. Any tips or suggestions are welcome. In the past, I didn't have much compassion for Mom's who complained about being "busy" because it seemed obvious that a lot of our stress is a result of things we willingly sign up for. But in wanting certain experiences for your children, choosing to have multiple children and wanting to do a good job in fulfilling a church calling, etc. these things add up! 

Writing makes me feel better, this I know, which is why I'm sitting here at my computer. I should be waking up Forrest from his nap and getting ready for our babysitter who will be here in a few minutes...yes, my time is short so I'll return to the keyboard sooner than later, I hope. 

Thank you for enduring my self prescribed venting session. Moving on to the "endings" we celebrated this month: 

Soccer ended! I was definitely sad during their last game of the season but got over that real quick when I realized I didn't have to remember weekday practices. Andrew was super happy to have his Saturday mornings back! That first free Saturday we had, we cleaned neglected corners of our home (read: the basement) and our bedrooms. I made a trip to the D.I. to donate some of our things. Andrew squeezed in an afternoon fishing trip during Forrest's nap time with the older kids. And, as promised, that afternoon we took the kids to Lagoon. 
Lottie scored seven goals at her last game!
She was thrilled to earn her first medal!
Eliza ended her season on a high note. 
She scored a goal during her last game.
We were all thrilled!
My parents were even there to see it. 
Henry's best game happened when neither Andrew or I were there to cheer him on. 
Sad, yes?
 Andrew was out of town and I was at Lottie's game; 
which unfortunately, was scheduled at the same time. 
Our neighbor is his coach so his family was there to support him. 
I wanted to cry when I got the text that read:
"Henry scored THREE goals!"
One of the biggest highlights of the second grade, in my humble opinion, are the butterfly pictures they make. I love how Henry's turned out!
Speaking of school highlights, Eliza participated in a "pioneer trek" at school. I first learned about the fourth grade pioneer trek when Eliza was a Kindergarten. The Kindergarten kids participate as they play the role of the Indians. The meet the Pioneers and the two groups play games and share a snack. This was the first time we had a Pioneer participant from our family. I was so delighted by the detail and historical thought that went into this event. Thanks to my sister Ami, Eliza truly looked the part. 
Eliza was so happy to have me there. Unfortunately, before her trek family made it to Laramie, Wyoming where I was stationed, Forrest suffered a big fall on the playground. His mouth and nose were bleeding terribly. I did my best to calm  him down but the poor child was miserable. So, I had to find Eliza so I could sadly explain the reason why I needed to leave. She was crestfallen. She offered to give Forrest her tootsie pop (because Pioneers apparently ate those?) to alleviate his stress, but even the tootsie pop couldn't console him. I took him home for some Ibprofen and then bought him a slurpee of all things because I was hoping the coldness from it would help reduce his swelling and the sweetness of it would make him stop crying. It worked. But keep in mind, dear reader, when I went into seven eleven, I was most certainly still wearing my Pioneer clothes. In fact, I wore my Pioneer clothes most of the day (ha ha ha! It's true!). I found them to be very comfortable!
The weather has been lovely so we've been outside a lot. One of our new favorite things is to go bike riding. The problem is that sometimes as we ride, I'll spy neighbors outside. And so I stop and visit... and as my family sits and watches, I politely wave them on ahead. "I'll catch up in a minute"... I say. But sometimes I don't because I really like visiting with friends. 
One afternoon, Andrew had stake business over at the Bell's home. They have a real neat farm so we spent sometime watching the goats while he did his errand. 
When we first bought our bike trailer, I had envisioned us taking Lottie to and from school. The last week of preschool we finally made it happen. It was raining, but I didn't care. Lottie sure thought it was neat when we pulled up on our bikes! 

You may or may not know (or care) that Andrew works from home often. To be honest, it took time adjusting to this change. His new "commute" is fantastic, but there was a learning curve for us both. For example, as much as I want to, I can't go invade his office every five minutes to talk about our life. As for him, he had to accept that we have kids and that I can't always maintain an ideal noise level. Anyway, we've worked out most of these issues which have made me enjoy the perks more.Today, as an example, we went swimming at a neighbors house. Andrew was able to pop over on his lunch break and swim with us for awhile. Things like this make me so happy. Even though he has to travel sometimes, the kids see him a lot. Just last night, while driving home from Station Park, Forrest said out of the blue, "I want to see my Dad." These kids sure love him. 

 For family night, we had a lesson around our fire pit and roasted S'mores.
I'm not going to lie. As sad as I am to watch my babies grow up, I really love how Forrest is becoming a little more independent and a better listener. Gathering around a camp fire, taking the kids swimming, spending time outdoors, etc is easier than it's ever been. I miss having a baby so to curb that sadness, I'm trying to focus on the positive things.

Eliza woke up early each Wednesday to go and practice with Uintah's choir. It was a big commitment when you consider they only have two performances a year.
Her Grandparents came to support her. It was a very well done. I'm glad she had the opportunity to experience singing with a choir. As of right now, she's planning on doing it again next year.

Lottie completed preschool (Wahhhhhhhh!!!!). Here are 700 a few pictures to honor the milestone. Something funny she said to me was, "Mom, I'm also so sad to be leaving preschool so can you please take some pictures of my sad face too?"

This was taken  a few minutes after picking up the big kids from their last day of fourth and second grade! Time needs to SLOW down!
Photos from that morning... I love, love, love Eliza's hair. I'm not the best stylist in the world, but I sure appreciate that she still allows me to play with it in the morning. I say that like I have loads of time before school. That's not true. Mornings can be crazy, but we do carve in that time each day.

 Henry was also sad to see the year end. This makes me happy because it validates that hope they are doing well in school socially. Both of my kids came home with perfect report cards in both their behavior and academic. Because I'm fairly certain that I have two blogging followers, I feel okay about broadcasting this. I am so proud of them.

It wouldn't be a proper school day without some form of drama and the last day of school was no exception. Henry couldn't find his glasses. They would remain missing for the next three days. Long story short, he left them at a friend's house. Looking at those straight eyes makes me so happy that we went through with his operation last summer.
 I love this picture. I took it to go along with a recent vlog we made.


Lara said...

Ali, I am still a diligent blog follower and I LOVE reading your posts. I feel like I really know your beautiful kids. And it's so fun to see what you've been up to. I'm sure these posts will be a treasure as the years pass as well. You are an exemplary mother and I genuinely want to be in your family. Please, let's talk about moving to Davis/Weber county soon!! Lots of love!

*Jess* said...

You guys are going to have a great Summer!