Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So Much Lagoon

Rainy and cold or hot and dry... we've experienced both this summer while playing at Lagoon. We've gone with cousins, grandparents, just our little family and even on a date with just Andrew and me. Twice now, I've gone with my cute friend Maren. In return, our husbands will be cashing in on some child-free fishing outings. No matter the scenario, Lagoon has proven to be a great place for making memories this summer. We've had a lot of laughs, thrills and have yet to lose any kids while there! 

It isn't all sunshine and roses. As the kids morph into Lagoon veterans, they have developed strong opinions on what ride we should be doing and when we should be doing it. Most of the time, their desires are different. When they whine or protest the plan, I feel tempted to pack up and leave. Lottie, in particular, can be quite dramatic. I'm embellishing a little, forgive me: 

"But Mom! I don't want to do that really fun ride that made me smile so big last time because I need to do that other really fun ride first!" You would think by the look on her face (the other kids do this at times too) that I was telling her that we we were going to the dentist to have a cavity filled.

"No Mom! Not Puff that Magic Dragon! He is the worst!" 

Are you kidding me? And then there is Eliza who has graduated from kid land and wants to dedicate each minute to roller coasters while I'm keen on enjoying a small slice of time where we are all together. Last week, she was given permission to do a few rides with an older cousin, unsupervised. They were so good to check in at our designated places and time. It was surreal and broke my heart a little bit to see her take another step, away from me, toward independence. You're right, dear reader, I have no idea where Lottie's dramatic nature comes from! (*sheepishly raising my hand*) 

 We don't usually schedule a time to leave but rather wait until one of the kids begins to unravel. They know that one person or an ugly sibling conflict can spoil it for the whole crew, so they try to be team players. Sometimes the exhaustion proves to be the most powerful of adversaries. Despite their efforts, they can't fight how tired they are and the emotions take over. Other nights, we find the right balance and happy rhythm which enables us to stay until closing. I feel a mixture of surprise and concern (read: regret?) when I find myself pulling into the driveway with a car full of sleeping kids at 10:30 pm. 

I have taken loads of pictures but  managed to narrow it down to a few favorites.  

Lagoon in the rain!
The rain didn't last too long. 
The crowd level was small. 
Memories from this night include 
Eliza offering Henry her pink jacket. 
He was so grateful for Eliza as he warmed up in it. 

Also, Eliza and I rode Cannibal as it was raining.
The raindrops stung our face as we rode the ride!
It was a very weird thing!

Date night with Andrew!

We don't usually ride the roller coasters together 
because one of us is with the smaller children in kiddie land; 
while the other is riding coasters with Eliza. 
This was our chance to laugh and scream and whine 
about how old we feel together. 
It was quite the bonding experience. 
Also, we usually nix the kid's requests for food and treats due to the high cost
and amount of kids we have. 
But on our date night, we went all out...
Dole whips and a funnel cake for the win!

Nothing is sweeter than having a child thrilled to be riding "Bulgy the Whale" 

Forrest at Lagoon is about the cutest thing in my world.
When the kids are getting along and enjoying a ride together,
I feel validated in our decision to buy season passes. 

We've been to Lagoon one time with my parents.
It was a night of surprises as my Mom opted to ride the Log Flume
followed by my Dad's stunning decision to ride Wicked with Eliza.
I don't know which of my parent's surprised me more.

Going with Maren was a blast.
She hadn't been to Lagoon in 12 years! 
Watching the nostalgia hit her was the best. 
I'm excited to go with her again (and again!).


rachel garber said...

I am so jealous you can just wander in and out of Lagoon as your heart desires. I love riding rides --- the last time I was there was 2009 and it was three of us who are all adults so it was fun. It rained while we were on Wicked (which was brand new) and yeah - raindrops on your face as you whip around is so weird.

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