Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Snap Shots

Well, howdy folks!

Long time, no see! Everyone is probably dog gone sick and tired of hearing me complain about how busy we are, so I will spare you that excuse. I'm behind on my blog and it's been nagging at the back of my brain for weeks. I have to settle for less words and focus on sharing the photos most important to me. I'll get back to writing when I get more caught up!

The Old Western photo at the opening of today's post makes me so happy. It's the third one we've had taken with the Blasers. They helped complete our summer with a visit to Utah. Per tradition, we met at Lagoon twice. James (previously known as Talon) and Eliza rode most every ride together. Henry was happy to be spending time with her other boys. As for me, being with Michelle made me so happy. It's like no time had passed at all. We always talk about a return visit to South Carolina. It's been five years! I'd be thrilled if Andrew and I made it happen.

Lagoon has been our gathering place this summer. Sometimes we were there with just our family, other times it was with extended family: cousins, grandparents, etc. We met friends and also enjoyed date night there. We certainly got our money's worth. Here's a slew of photos that represent some of the memories made there.

Lagoon with family:

These cute cousins were asked each visit if they were either sisters or twins. :) 

We loved the visits when Papa and Nana Marie came!

Henry took that giant leap from kiddieland to big kid rides this summer!
He has conquered all of those big coasters: Cannibal included.
He was a nervous wreck, near tears even, as we went up that hill on the fire dragon.
I almost felt bad for him until I saw his terrified expression shift into one of total joy!
It was one of my favorite Lagoon moments of the summer.

Lagoon with neighbor friends

Lagoon with the Blasers

Cherry Hill was another summer favorite.

And finally, some of the best memories were made playing in our own backyard. The kids played for hours in an inflatable pool; with and without cousins. There were plenty of Popsicles enjoyed on the porch, time spent in the sandbox and movie nights on the lawn. Here's a few misc. photos that I love.

Henry started violin in July! 
Wow! What a commitment this is, but so far he is loving it. 
I am a part of each practice and lesson. 
But I realized right away that this would be a good thing as it carves out special one on one time together. 

I was sitting on the floor doing laundry one morning 
and looked up and saw a werewolf watching t.v.
It was so funny to me.

She is a big time tween now. 
Big time.

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*Jess* said...

Yes! make it happen! And oh my gosh... I love the western photo! Nate looks authentic!!