Monday, September 12, 2016

Wilkomen Mia!

The Auras family has made an appearance on our blog many, many times. They were our neighbors back in 2007 when our blog was born in Landshut, Germany. At that time, Eliza was one year old. I'd come home from our four months there expecting Henry. It was easily one of the happiest and most exciting summers of my life. In 2007, we met 10 year old Mia. I liked her right away. She would go out of her way to spend time with me specifically when we were off on an adventure. She was gentle, happy but could definitely keep up with her five brothers. Remembering her sweet temperament, it was an automatic "Yes!" from Andrew and me when her Dad asked us about the possibility of her staying with us this summer. As we prepared for her visit, my excitement mounted. Our kids had likewise been anticipating her arrival. On August 8th, the children and I met her at the airport!

(Prior to coming to Utah, Mia had never been on an airplane before)

I didn't know how tired she would feel, so we tried our best not to overwhelm her that first day. Sitting here now, writing this post, Mia goes back home in three days. My heart breaks whenever I think about it. We have loved having her with us and I feel confident that she has had a wonderful time in the states. Wish me luck as I try and capture a few details from her visit.

She gifted us with these treats!
Toffifee is my favorite!

Still getting to know our kids,
we took her to Beus Pond the following day. 
Remembering the gorgeous Isar river next to her home,
I am sure it wasn't that impressive. :) 

We made her Lagoon official right away.
She had a fun time that night, so she says, but was still 
suffering from jet lag. 
We bumped into our cute cousins that night!
Eliza and Mia Chamberlain had the same shirt on. 

Really wanting to dazzle her, 
we took her to our local Costco. 
And sure enough, 
Costco delivered that "Wow" factor. 

Misc. photos of Eliza looking cool and mature. 

Two days after she arrived,
We had a ward carnival. 
It was a great night.
Especially for those cute cowboys. 

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