Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Fleglets go Back to School: the 2016-2017 edition

Welcome 2016-2017 school year! This year we sent off to school...

Eliza the 5th grader!

Henry the 3rd grader!

(funny story... when I was writing on the chalkboard to take his picture I wrote,
"First day of 1st grade!"
Eliza caught the mistake and kindly pointed it out to me.

Wishful thinking, perhaps?
Either way, I was an emotional mess of a space cadet that morning.
That is not a winning combination.

Next we have...
Lottie the...wait for it...

She began school a week after the older kids which is why
she isn't featured as prominently in these next few photos. 

Here's a few from Lottie's big day!

At her back to school night, 
we found her name on the wall outside her classroom door.
It read, "Charlotte."

When her teacher first met her, she said, 
"Hello! What is your name?"
Tentatively she replied, "Charlotte?"
It was funny.  
We explained that she goes by Lottie 
and thankfully her teacher was happy to make the change. :) 

I am wondering if we need to rethink the timing of our,
"Back to School Feast" because it coincides with
"Back to School Night" each year. 
Even with the tight schedule,
I was able to pull it off and have the kids in bed at a reasonable hour. 
So three cheers for Mom. 

But before I can get too excited, 
check out Eliza's expression.
Clearly, the food wasn't that great. :) 

I came across out family theme by accident. 
I was looking for a print of a different scripture.
However, when I read this one,
 I knew right away that it was meant for us this next year. 

"Keep loving. Keep trying. 
Keep trusting.
Keep believing. Keep growing.

Heaven is cheering you on 
today, tomorrow, and forever"
- Jeffrey R. Holland

The words, "Keep trying" comfort me. 
I make mistakes daily and regret them. 
But rather than accept that I'm not good enough,
I am going to keep trying.
I want to keep growing as a wife and Mom.
I want to believe that I can become better.

Also, where it says, "Heaven is cheering you on..."
I really believe that.
I believe that we have loved ones who are on the other side who are cheering us on.
And, I would insert the words, "Heaven and your parents are cheering you on."
I hope my children know that I will love them on their good days and their bad days
and will celebrate the big and little accomplishments of their lives. 

I am now returning to Lottie because she reached a very big milestone. 
She is my Autumn baby. 
The other three are Spring babies. 
Because of this, I felt like I was blessed with an extra year of having her home with me. 
So in my mind, I told myself, I couldn't howl too loudly when she started school. 

Despite my personal pep talks,
I wept like a small, injured animal the morning she started school. 
The emotion hit me prematurely as I had to ask Andrew to read the book,
The Night Before Kindergarten
because the lump in my throat was too big.
That photo makes me giggle because she looks so concerned! 

It was nice to see Lottie chatting with friends that morning. 
It was nice for me to have "mom friends" there as well.
We went through that gut wrenching farewell together.
Each of us had on sunglasses to lessen the embarrassment of our red, tear-filled eyes.

It's been a month since school started.
I am very, very grateful for how well she has adjusted to school.
It has been seamless for her. 
She loves it and is a wonderful little student.
I pray it continues. 

As for this little guy!
He started preschool which deserves a post of its own.
So for now, I'll conclude with a Forrest Funny as a treat to those who made it through my post.
(thank you).

I'm not sure how or why it clicked.
But Forrest suddenly decided one day in August that he was ready to fully commit to the potty.
It was a miracle.
For reals.
Anyway, his preschool teacher, Miss Mary, heard about his big accomplishment.
"Forrest!" she said with excitement, "I hear you learned how to use the big boy potty! Great job!"
Forrest nodded happily back at her. She continues,
"Guess what? We have a potty at preschool that you can use whenever you want! Isn't that great?"
I can see that he's internalizing what she has said. 
Knowing that he still needs assistance climbing on and off of the potty he sweetly asks her,
"But do you have bushes?!"
(as in, he is totally independent when it comes to going to the bathroom outside!" 
so that was the route he wanted to go!)
Ha ha ha! I laughed about this for days.

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