Friday, November 4, 2016

Sad Goodbyes and Happy Hellos

Surprise! While organizing photos, I found a few more of Mia from her last two days that I want to share. Concerning her Utah bucket list, yes we actually wrote one when she arrived, she had a few things left to pick up for her family. She is thoughtful like that. One stop was to "The Tie Shop" to choose a few ties for her brothers. Forrest, Lottie and Millie had fun playing in the play area while she shopped. Realizing she hadn't been to McDonald's once while she was here (gasp!), we stopped there for lunch.

Mia couldn't resist the play place. :)
She was also impressed that our ketchup didn't cost extra like it does in Germany. 

Without question, Forrest has had the hardest time with Mia leaving.
Enough time has passed for me to easily say that he is fine now, 
but there were definitely some confusion and tears when she left. 
He will still ask for her and lights up when we are skyping with her. 

We had another big "Goodbye" in September 
and that was to the Green family who had spent most of their summer in Utah.
We sure loved spending time with them. 
Meeting baby Lila was extra special.

As sad as it is to say, "Goodbye,"
September brought a few "Hello's" as well. 

Hello Soccer Saturday!
Let the madness begin!

Andrew always bemoans the arrival of soccer season because it means
his precious project time on Saturday is limited. 
However, like me, he loves to watch our kids play. 
So don't feel too bad for him. :) 

We also said "Hello" to a new neighbor. 
His name is Boomer and my kids are crazy about him.
Our neighbors are so nice to let us invade their yard whenever he is outside so they can play with him.
For one of his first school assignments, Forrest had to think of something that was blue.
He chose our neighbor's house!
I thought this was the cutest!

Up the street a way, lives our neighbor Jean.
She has horses and has agreed to let Andrew come 
and work with them. He helps her with odds and ends
and in turn gets to ride her horses. 
We often ride our bikes up just to watch them.
Sometimes we pick the rotten apples off our neighbor's lawn
and take them up to feed the horses. 

Here are a few random snapshots from September.

The Jensens, whom we love so much, came up for a Sunday dinner.
Cousins are the best!

There is always someone who misses the "memo."

I learned how to do one of those trendy hair knots.
It's not super difficult, I suppose, but I was still proud of myself.

And a little frightened because it triggered one of those,
"look how old Eliza is" moments. 

Returning to my "Goodbye and Hello" theme of this post,
we also said "Hello" to Frightmares at Lagoon!
What a blast! I have never experienced Frightmares before!
We LOVED it.

(This is a Lagoon picture from a previous outing where I went with just the big kids.
We spent a few hours riding all of the coasters that we wanted and then went home.)

While at Lagoon, we went to the Saloon for some family photos! 

We hope to make this a tradition. 

Speaking of traditions, wow - I am the Queen of segues, with school back in session
we were excited for this year's Family Fun Fair at our elementary school. 
It was a beautiful night. 
All for of the Fleglets braved the rock climbing wall. 
Here's a video, of course.

So random to be typing this... but two miles from our home, a tornado touched down.
That night Andrew and Eliza were on the road as it was happening. 
Eliza told Andrew she was seeing funnel clouds, but he was skeptical.
Turns out she was right!
It was sure windy at our house.
In between the spurts of wind, Henry took it upon himself to gather up the toys
and to secure the patio as best he could. 
I was so touched by this.
I didn't ask him to do this. He just put on his gear and went to work.

(Here comes another segue...)
While we are on the topic of inclement weather,
look how cute Lottie looked on a recent rainy day!!

Curly pigtails and a pink flower umbrella...
what a great match!

And a few other videos of late:

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