Monday, December 12, 2016

A November to Remember

This might be my favorite photo from November... followed by this one...

Although these photos aren't of the highest quality, I am going to share them anyway.

In November, Andrew and I were treated to a Jazz game by one of his customers. We enjoyed our night together with his co-worker and his wife.
I love when the kids end up in our bed in the morning. Morning like this don't happen as often as they once did, which makes me sad, so I snapped a few photos during the tickle fight. Feel free to judge Andrew's messy side of the room. :)
I was able to meet my kids for "lunch with a loved one" while the school was hosting the book fair. It was, unfortunately, a morning filled with drama. Last year, Henry and Eliza noticed that some of the other parents brought their kids lunch from a restaurant and had asked if I could do that this year. Leaving my house with PLENTY of time, or so I thought, I headed over to Wendy's to pick up Henry's lunch. There was a huge line of cars, but I felt comfortable with the time I'd given myself. A half hour later... I finally left Wendy's with his food. Seeing that I was already late, I cruised to the school. Parking was we settled for a terrible spot. The younger kids and I hustled our buns into the school in search of Henry. We are more than late at this point. I head to the lunch room and can't see him anywhere. At that moment, he was in the office, in tears, trying to call me but I couldn't hear my phone due to the noise of the lunch room. Finally, we were reunited. I explained what happened and thankfully he understood. Next year, however, we are all having home lunch!

When it was time for Eliza to come to the cafeteria, I opted to check her out of school for the rest of the day and took her to McDonalds for her smoothie. It was "early out" that day so she only missed an hour of class. As much as I had been looking forward to this, it ended up being an unnecessary ordeal.
Andrew works from home a lot. We love that he usually is able to spend his lunch break with us. His favorite thing to do is to take a bike ride up to our friend Jean's home to visit her horses. Recently a road was put in through our neighbor's field (so, so sad).  Recently, there was a ceremony to commemorate the new road. As disappointed as we were that the road came to pass, we were there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The firetruck was probably the highlight of that experience.
Are you ready to see more photos of my messy room? This one's worth the embarrassment. Queen of thoughtful Eliza and her cute helper Lottie, made Andrew and I breakfast in bed for no reason. They are the best. And how lovely is Eliza's presentation?
Lottie learned to ride a bike!! It was so exciting watching her commit to doing it. We are so proud of her!
The day after she learned, she upgraded to a hand me down bike from Eliza that's bigger than her Elsa bike.
Eliza thought she was so funny when she did this. To her credit, it was funny.
My favorite days of the week are when Henry comes home from school and immediately goes out to play with Forrest. They will play and play until the sun has gone down and I tell them to come inside. They are the best of pals and I am so thankful that Henry is so patient and kind to Forrest. He puts up with a lot of Forrest's antics because he isn't always the kindest, most fair, little friend. But, I have no doubt that with Henry's great example, he will grow up to be a great friend to others.

I walked in on this scene the other night and had to snap a few shots. I am not sure what led up to this father/son moment, but it made me really happy to see it in action.
Eliza had her first piano recital. Andrew and I continue to be the biggest bawl babies because we were both in tears listening to her play. I am going to include a video of her performance at the end of this post!

We had a get together with my family in November because my brother Mark was in town from Alaska. It was nice to be with nearly everyone. Matt and Allison had a decent excuse for not coming... they were at the hospital waiting to have their first baby!! Oh I love that baby so much! His name is Reid Henry and is the cutest little man. I am smitten.

My parents and siblings, sans Matt. 

One of my favorite things was attending Forrest's Thanksgiving party! 
That's his best friend, 

I wasn't kidding when I said that these two make their way outside most days...
it's easy to let homework go and other responsibilities go when they are doing their thing. 
Best pals is right! 

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