Sunday, December 4, 2016

Alison in Wonderland

Introducing Alison in Wonderland:

This year's cast of characters included:

Alison (that's me!)

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum:

(It doesn't get any better than those two, if you ask me!)

The (stunningly beautiful) Queen of Hearts:

The adorable Cheshire Cat! Oh, she melted my heart.

And last but not least, the sweetest White Rabbit...

When we are running late in the car, he will chant
"I'm late, I'm late... for a very important date!" as I buckle him in his car seat.

That naughty little rabbit had fun with a yellow highlighter one afternoon.

Don't worry. I forgave him pretty quickly.
How could I not?

The secret to a family themed costume, I have discovered,
is getting the oldest child on board. 
At least that's the trick at our house. 
I was totally lobbying for Winnie the Pooh characters...
but Eliza was less enthused. 

When she mentioned that she wanted to be the Queen of Hearts, 
I exploded, "YES!!! We can do that!"
And the rest is history.

It takes a lot of planning to outfit our family (and money)
but the good news is we had the opportunity to dress up more than once. 

First up we had Nanna Teresa's Halloween party. Our ward had a trunk or treat which we enjoy attending every year. Forrest had one at preschool too. The kids had their school parade and last but not least, 
Halloween night! Here are a "few" photos from those events. 
Nanna had several activities for the kids to enjoy. 
Cookie decorating was one of them!

Here spooky eats were a big hit with everyone!

Our cousins looked amazing in their costumes too.
Here's a look at the Jensen family as the characters from In and Out!

And here is Snow White (who happened to be the birthday girl that night!)
...and a few of her dwarfs!

Here's another one of our crew from that night.

And finally, the whole gang!

The school's Halloween parade and parties were a lot of fun.
Forrest is old enough that I felt like I could go and help without him being to much of a hindrance.
My biggest assignment was with Lottie's class, but we did manage to make an appearance
(and help out) with the older kids too!

Their school parade was outside this year...

Henry had his first violin recital. 
He played Polka Dot Waltz by Lyon.
My video camera didn't work that day... so so sad
but I do have a short clip of it on my instagram page.

It was a costume recital.
I loved it.

We ran out of time to carve pumpkins. Next year, I'll do better to make it a priority (I hope).
Painting seemed manageable so we squeezed that in.

Also, I am not the most festive/crafty mother on the planet...
So! When I make the effort to do something food related,
I document it. 
(Those milkshakes were supposed to look like candy corn.
They tasted good.)

And finally, a few Halloween related videos:

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