Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016


I love (to receive) Christmas cards a lot. 
Here's the one we came up with this year. 
My Dad took these cute pictures of our family. 
Thank you, Dad!

Christmas Day is somewhat busy for our family.
We do our best to see both sides of our family; 
which means the time we spend at home is limited.
Christmas fell on a Sunday this year which also meant that part of our morning
 was spent celebrating at Church.
Personally, I love when Christmas falls on a Sunday!
This is not a complaint. I am just explaining how it was.

What I realized this year is that Christmas Eve 
has unofficially been designated as a day that is just about our little family. 
We definitely invited both of our parents to join us on our outings, 
but sadly, they had plans of their own.
So, Andrew and I did our best to be selfish and soak in our kids all day.

 We actually went and saw Moana on the 23rd and my Mom was with us!
If Eliza looks slightly uncomfortable, 
it's because she thinks she might have left her glasses in the theater.
She was about to go check with her Dad but had to stop for a picture first.
Spoiler alert: they were actually in her purse.
Her coat, however, was indeed left behind!

And in case you are wondering, we loved Moana. 
Andrew mentioned how happy it made him 
that we could take our entire family to a movie and enjoy it. 
Forrest, however, would require two bathroom breaks during the movie.
We are not quite to that place of seeing a movie uninterrupted,but so, so close!

The morning of Christmas Eve, Andrew set up a BB gun shooting range in our basement. 
Andrew, Henry and Lottie took turns shooting the bb gun 
and marking their shots on the targets Andrew prepared. 
You might be surprised to learn that Lottie won each of the rounds...
and not just by a little... but by a healthy margin!
She creamed the boys!
Oh, I am so proud of her.

 We also got busy making sugar cookies for Santa.
Usually, I try to have this done a day or two before Christmas Eve.
But I let it slip! So there we were, making cookies. 
It always makes a mess, but I am glad we made it happen. 

 Forrest was mostly involved in making the cookie dough. 
I feel bad that he wasn't around to decorate the cookies... 
I can't remember what he was off doing. All I know is that I feel bad about it
and hope to involve him more next year!

For dinner we went to Chili's. 
After the mess we made with the cookies 
and knowing that I had a Christmas casserole to prepare later that night,
it was nice to get away from the kitchen and go out to eat.

Coming home, the kid's opened their new jammies. 
Eliza is amazing. 
Last July I asked her to sew Christmas pants for her and her siblings.
It took her five, long months to complete them all, but she did it! 
If I had known in advance how long it would take her,
I wouldn't have asked.
Clearly, I have no idea about anything.
But I am glad she persevered through the tedium of it all.
It was not her favorite project to work on (because it took so long)
but we were all so happy with the result of her hard work. 
 Forrest asks to wear them every night.
The kids did a great job expressing their gratitude.
It was a special memory; and probably one that won't happen again!

We had a little time before the kids needed to go to sleep.
After they opened their ornaments and set out cookies and milk for Santa,
we watched the movie, "A Christmas Story"...
they weren't able to finish it, but it was there first time seeing it.
I could tell they liked it. 

I loved spending this day with our family. 
It was a wonderful prelude to this year's Christmas!

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