Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Henry and his violin

After six months of violin practice, Henry was ready to join Miss Peggy's violin performing group: 
Pizzicato Strings. 

I was prepared to be overwhelmed and stressed by our new commitment. 
Helping him memorize five songs in a short period of time was going to be a challenge
(and it was!)...

But, what ended up surprising me about it was how much joy it would add to our holiday season. 
Also, I wasn't expecting to swoon each time I saw Henry all spruced up in his violin outfit; but I did! 
He is a dashing young man. 
And his Mama loves him very much. 

His performances included a holiday party at a Junior High faculty party,
prelude music prior to a Nutcracker performance, 
the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, 
playing at two rest homes (my favorite shows)
and the Festival of Trees. 

The Festival of Trees was especially meaningful. 
Our cousin Hayes Tate had a tree on display in his honor.
We were there days before Hayes was called home to Heaven.
As we walked around the festival, I found that we kept returning to his tree. 
Each time we were there, a new group of people were there,
 somehow connected to the Tate's like us.

When one woman found out that Savanna was Andrew's cousin,
she threw her arms around me crying. 
I had never met before but our love for Hayes and his family instantly united us.
And so we cried and mourned together.

Aunt Katie and cousins Ellie, James and Harley
came to this performance; along with my Mom (Nana Marie). 
We pulled our kids out of school that morning and Andrew took the morning off from work
so we could have this special family day. 

It's one of my favorite memories from his performing season. 

I am sad we didn't get a picture with my Mom. 
We loved having her with us. 

Another favorite performance, 
and I am sorry for how blurry this photo is,
was one that I didn't get to go to but heard about.
There is a care center near our home where they performed
Miss Peggy asked the kids to bring two teddy bears to give the residents at the end of their show. 
Henry said there was an older gentleman who smiled at him the whole show!
Henry was super excited to give him one of his bears when it was over. 

I love when my kid's score a soccer goal because of the huge smile that follows that moment of excitement!
What I love about watching Henry play violin is seeing that winning smile the entire time he plays!
(But trust me, it isn't always sunshine and smiles while he plays.
We sometimes see tears of frustration during practice.)

Here's hoping this tradition of Christmas violin music continues!

Here are some videos of his performances:

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