Sunday, December 18, 2016


After an unusually warm Autumn, the snow finally arrived.

And man, did she make a lovely entrance!

This photo of the Fleglets was taken Thanksgiving morning after we went bowling with some of our Mays cousins. I love to see my babes bundled up in snow clothes. That part where I have to sift through the glove and hat box to find matching pairs of everything I don't like that much. But as they get old enough to bundle themselves, or to help bundle Forrest, the process seems less overwhelming.
No one has aged out of their love of playing in the snow; not even Andrew.
We have had a bout of sickness at our house, but before that hit, I was letting the boys play outside as often as they wanted to. They would stay out there until it was dark.

Back to Thanksgiving day, we went bowling per tradition.

We had a smaller group this year, but those who came had a lot of fun. 

My greatest BLESSINGS! I love being a wife and mother. 
The lady responsible for all the holiday magic, my Mom,
is my greatest example and dearest friend. 

My Aunt Dawnie and Uncle Mike joined us.
It was nice to spend the holiday with them.
I was able to sneak away with the ladies to visit Matt, Allison and baby Reid!

Another memory from that weekend was shopping with Eliza.
She really wanted to experience "black friday" shopping 
so the two of us went to Michaels Arts and Crafts and Old Navy. 
She and I laughed as we saw her outfit everywhere.
This girl certainly has her pulse on fashion!

The weekend following Thanksgiving, we celebrated with the Flegals. 
And apparently it's all about the food for me because that is what I took the time to photograph!
I actually took a lot of video that night as we went around the room talking about what we are thankful for. Right now, those videos are private out of respect for those who don't want their deepest feelings shared publicly. 

Here's a video of our bowling fun and outdoor play from Thanksgiving. 

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