Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chasing those January Blues Away

There will likely come a point where I grow weary of winter. Some people are already there. They are done with the cold and are in pursuit of a sign of Springtime. And while I understand where they are coming from, I am still enjoying the beauty of the snow. I check the weather forecast throughout the day, keeping my eye on approaching storms. I plan my grocery trips around them and other family outings. To be clear, I hate driving in the snow. If I had to commute in it, I would be singing a much different tune. 

While passing through these cold months, I prefer the beauty of the snow to muddy, wet brown hills and soggy patches of grass. This season has been good to us. The children have had ample opportunity to outfit themselves in their winter gear and play until they've frozen themselves into human popsicles. I feel that January has a bad reputation so my intention today is to highlight some of the fun things we've been up to.

Forrest had the opportunity to bring home "Little Lamb" for a few days.
It was his job to keep his preschool pet entertained and cared for.
He was eager to give Lambie a ride around our backyard. 

They also had story time inside of Forrest and Lottie's tent!

Another positive from January is that we had a five day weekend because
the end of the school term coincided with Martin Luther King day!
That weekend, Aunt Katie and Bubba invited us to go to Utah's Natural History Museum.
It isn't a billed as a "children's museum" so I didn't know know what to expect. 
We nearly didn't go; which would have been sad because everyone had such a great time.
It's a neat place with lots of cool things to see and do. 
Thanks to Bubba and Aunt Katie for inviting us.
It's always fun to make memories with cousins.

A few weekends ago, I dropped all four my children off at the church for a
Primary pancake breakfast party!
It was surreal to drive home by myself.
I find myself alone in the car more and more.
To be honest, I am not sure if I love it or hate it.

Eliza will be in young women's next year,
so yes, I am trying to enjoy this sweet chapter of having the four of them in Primary together.

We said "Goodbye" or I guess I should say, "Aloha" to our sweet neighbors
Miss Nancy and Mr. Scott. They left to serve a mission in Hawaii! 
We already miss them a lot. 
They are such a special part of our community and ward family. 
When my water broke with Forrest, they were the ones we called until our parents could arrive.
The same thing happened when Andrew was in his car accident. 
They love our children so well and will be dearly missed!
We found Forrest asleep with Henry's Tweedle Dee hat on.
It gave us a laugh.
I like this picture because he looks like he is having a happy dream.
Eliza's instagramming more and more.
I liked this photo she took from the back seat of our car while on her way to Nana's house.

Speaking of Eliza, her love of Harry Potter hasn't dimmed since completing the books.
While going through my mail the other day, I found this tucked in between the envelopes. 
If you can, enlarge the photo and read her headlines. 
They look intriguing, yes?! Ha ha!

I also discovered Henry's New Year's resolutions for 2017.
If I had to choose one word or phrase to describe Henry it would be,
"Pure in Heart." 
He is an incredible son.  

And here's another one of Eliza's recent photos from insta.
She is likewise so special.

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