Sunday, January 15, 2017

Farewell 2016!

Here's a look at how we spent our holiday break!

We cozied up by our "fireplace" and played Candyland. 
When Eliza is in charge of lunchtime, 
tablecloths, center pieces and tea cups are necessities.
One evening, Andrew and I went out with my Mom,
sister Ami and brother in law Adam. 
We went and saw Rogue One and then had dinner at Zupas. 
When we arrived, the theater employee encouraged us to keep our coats on.
"Our thermostat is malfunctioning in that theatre. 
Currently the air conditioner is on!" 
Meanwhile, it was snowing outside.

The temperature didn't bother me at all;
probably because I was really focused on the movie. I really enjoyed it! 
When we came home, I found Lottie cuddled up with cousin Callie.
It was pretty darn cute. 

Forrest wasn't thrilled when I explained to him that he would be moving on from nursery.
He has loved spending that time with our neighbor Trish and good friend Janice. 

Thankfully, his new teachers quickly won him over.
"I don't live in nursery anymore!"
He seems to be adjusting just fine.
Better than I am, that's for sure!

We have been blessed with a lot of snow this year.
At times I feel guilty that Andrew and I haven't made it a priority to get our kids up on the ski slopes.
The guilt lessens after a day spent playing in our own backyard.

And as Andrew would gladly remind you, "It's Free.99!"
I will never tire of this view.
My cute Dad.
My sweet baby.
Oh, I love that smile.

We were lucky to spend time with Uncle Mike from Georgia
and our Mays cousins from Alaska. 

Fleglets (insert imaginary heart emoji here)

When the Mays cousins arrived, Nana Marie planned 
a gingerbread decorating activity for the kiddos!
Including baby Reid (who is in the picture frame)
here's a {silly} photo of all her cutie pie Grandwees!

That same day, some of the older girls
cruised down to Station Park for a little shopping.
Eliza took home a haul of new clothes
thanks to her gift cards she received on Christmas. 

I don't have a photo to share along with this, 
but one of my favorite things about our break this year
was staying up late with her to watch the Harry Potter movies.
As a bonafide Harry Potter geek,
I have longed dream of sharing my love for Harry
and the wizarding world with my kids.

Eliza likes fell hard for these books.
Talking about plot twists, favorite characters, lessons learned, etc
has been a rewarding experience; one that I treasure. 

This post wraps up our holiday merry making for 2016.
Hopefully I can blog more in "real time"... wish me luck. 
Looking back, I am grateful we enjoyed good health during our 
reprieve from school and other responsibilities. 
For me, it really is the best time of the year.

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Liz Green said...

Fun Holidays! Thanks for helping me not feel so guilty for catching up on blogging. I'm just starting December's blog.