Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Magical Prelude - Balboa Pier

As hard as I tried to coordinate and plan our outfits at Disneyland,
it is this family photo at Ruby's Diner, where we all look slightly disheveled
that wound up being my favorite from our trip.
The kids weren't totally prepared for the chill in air that evening; 
but because of where we were and what we were about to experience, no one seemed to mind.

Earlier that afternoon, we had arrived in Anaheim, checked into our hotel 
and purchased breakfast items for the week. 
After a little downtime at our hotel, we ventured out once more to Ruby's Diner.

We arrived around 4:00 pm. To our surprise, we were one of two groups in the restaurant.
We couldn't believe it!
The ambiance was amazing and so was the food. 
It was here that we were reunited with Mark and Jen's family.
They arrived in California that afternoon after flying in from Alaska.
Knowing that a week at Disneyland was beginning the following day
(and that we had a group of cousins and a Nana to enjoy it with;)
there was joyful anticipation in the air.  
As the sunset, we introduced our kids to the ocean's waves. 
Sure, they have been to the ocean before but their beach memories vary. 
Screams of elation filled the air as they dipped their toes into the water 
and then raced back up the sandy beach to a place of safety before the water could catch them!
We delayed the drive back to the hotel as long as possible.
The kids were loving every second on the beach; especially once they were joined by their cousins.
They played tag for awhile before it was time to rinse off their sandy feet.
On the drive back, Forrest was fading quickly! Because we were concerned that a power nap would postpone bedtime for everyone, we did our best to keep him awake!

The boys were in bed first and thankfully, fell asleep immediately.
Lucky for the girls, they were still awake when the firework show at Disneyland began.
We had a perfect view from our hotel window.
Enjoying that moment with Andrew, my Mom and girls was a magical welcome
to the Happiest Place on Earth!

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