Monday, March 27, 2017

California Adventure Day 2

Our second day was spent at California Adventure! 

We were so pleased to see the sun!
There wasn't a rain cloud in sight!

We did a better job of staying close to Mark and Jen's family this day.
One of my favorite moments was riding radiator racers for the first time.
The Flegal's raced the Mays crew and I am happy to say...
with as much humility as I can muster...

The Flegal's won! ;) 

Our first ride that day was Toy Story.
Look at all that awesomeness.

I had fun riding this with my Mom.
The two of us bring out a competitive spirit in each other.
Pretty sure that it was confirmed that these two cousins are soul mates.
Kaitlyn and Brynn were darling with Lottie and Forrest.

 We had lunch together and then enjoyed the ride, 'Soarin around the World' together.
That was really cool.
Later that afternoon we made it to the Frozen Musical.
The musicals at Disney are always so well done!
It affords you the opportunity to rest your feet, relax in a comfortable chair,
in an air conditioned theater while enjoying
incredible musical talent.

I looooooooved it.
Forrest slept through it so it's also a lovely little napping spot.
After the musical, the older kids darted off with their cousins (and Andrew)
to ride some coasters.

The smaller kids, Nana Marie and I went to see Captain America and Elsa and Anna.

They had a darling conversation.
Lottie asked Anna where she hides her stash of chocolate.
When talking about this a few days later, it was Forrest, not Lottie,
who could recall the precise spot she shared with them.

 Captain America was equally charming.
He asked the kids to find out if Elsa would join the Avengers.
After meeting our new friends, we went back to Cars Land.
We hit the Cozy Cone motel for some dinner eats and treats before reuniting with rest of our family. 

We had one more fast pass to use at Radiator Racers before we called it a night.
As we walked back to our hotel that night Eliza lamented,
"I already feel sad." Knowing what she was about to say I smiled as I waited for her to finish her thought.
"We only have two days left!"


This video shows the kids meeting the characters; including Elsa and Anna.

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