Monday, March 27, 2017

Disneyland Day 1

We made it!

Usually, I am the one who is dancing their way into the park.
That Disney music hits and you can't help but bust a move as it fills your Disney loving soul!
I was so pleased to see that it was Andrew, not me, that started skipping like a silly little sap
to the beat of the music while holding Lottie's hand that first morning. 

He may deny this happened, but it DID. 
He has such a love/hate relationship with Disneyland.
His frugal nature really struggles with the expense of the experience
but once he is there, I am so glad that he allows himself to enjoy it!

When you're accompanied by four excited Fleglets,
it's impossible not to!
My Mom said something that morning about Disneyland being a place
where you buy special memories. And if you ask me,
it's totally worth doing it! (at least every other year!)
The weather looked promising when we arrived.
I did my part to annoy the entire group while I insisted on some key photo ops!
After they were taken, I took a step back so we could go with the flow!

While waiting for the rides to open,
we bumped into Cinderella!
Forrest insisted we stay to meet her.
The rest of our crew was ready to get started, but he really wanted to stay in line.
So we did. 
I've watched as my older children's interest in meeting the characters has dimmed.
So, in my opinion, it's worth taking the time to stand in those lines while they are little!!
... And every once in awhile, insisting they do meet a character or two!

The first thing we did was get our kids a spot to train to become a Jedi!
Unfortunately, due to rain, the show was canceled that day, but we were able to
see them dress up and take a few pictures!

Our day began in Tomorrowland.
It was fun to see the kids pair off with their cousins on the rides.
And while I had worried prior to the trip that I would be left behind,
there were still plenty of one-on-one moments
for me to enjoy with my kids.

Forrest was magically 40 inches!
This meant that he was big enough to ride splash mountain, thunder mountain,
space mountain, radiator racers and other "big kid" rides this trip!
It was a game changer, for sure.

We have loved utilizing the rider swap in the past,
but it was so much better experiencing these rides all together.
"Just to be sure," his height was usually checked by a cast member,
but we didn't mind. I was just so so happy that he was big enough.
If he had been a quarter of an inch shorter, it would have been a big heartbreak for him.
(and me!)

As lunchtime approached, the rain arrived.
We were ready with our ponchos and stroller cover,
but still, it was slightly disheartening;
especially when the children complained of having wet socks!

We had lunch at Pizza Port before heading over to Critter Country.
Because we were already wet,
we decided to do Splash Mountain.
Because of the rain, the crowd level was small.
We were able to ride it over and over! 

As far as the day's most magical moment, 
can we please talk about mine for a minute? 
In fact, this may have been the most magical moment of our entire trip!

 Does anyone love Downton Abbey? 
Please say yes!
We made our way over to the Jungle Cruise that afternoon while it was raining.
I was happy to see that the canopy from the ride would give us a reprieve from the rain.

I noticed a darling couple sitting with a Disney employee next to me.
"Wow" I thought to myself. "That woman looks a lot like Mrs. Patmore!"
A moment or two later I heard her laugh.
My suspicion was confirmed.
"That IS Mrs. Patmore!"

I knew I would regret it horribly if I didn't ask for a photo.
After the ride concluded, I paused a moment to gather up my courage.
"Excuse me!" I said politely. "Would it be okay if I got a picture with you?"
She was so lovely and so kind as she said it was okay!

I gathered my kids...assuring to them that this moment would mean a lot to them one day.
I explained she was a favorite character from a favorite television show.
"You'll get to watch it when you're older." Giggling she added, "Yes! Much older!"
During our exchange I said in a fluster, "I just really want you to scream, 'Daisy!' at me!"
She laughed a moment and then growing serious, she looked at me and yelled,
And my life was made. I clapped and thanked her for being so kind!
I was floating with happiness the remainder of the day.
Mrs. Patmore was my sunshine on that cloudy day! ;)

(she is seated behind me, to the right, in this photo
and... oh my goodness.. look at my scary stalker eyes!)
As evening approached, the rain died down.
While Andrew and kids hit a few more rides,
I went to save a spot for the parade.
I was there two hours early but my feet didn't mind!

My Mom soon joined me, followed by Andrew and the kids.
Andrew and I went and bought corndogs for dinner.
After eating, we had sometime so I took the littles into Fantasyland to do a few rides. 
Finally, it was time for the parade to start!
It is my favorite!!

I didn't take a lot of photos because I was too busy filming.
Check our my favorite video of our entire trip!

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