Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fly By February

There's no such thing as a low-key month anymore. 
Rather than dwell on the challenge of change, 
I wish to focus on the positive. 

This girl. 
Her confidence and willingness to watch her siblings while I run an errand has increased.
I often find myself alone in the car when just a few months ago, 
I was still loading all four kids into the car so we could run to the bank or drop Lottie off at dance.
She is diligent as she prints out a chart every month to help keeps track of when she babysits.

Every couple months, she earns her payment. 
The form chosen is a shipment of clothing from kidpik. 
Cute, right?
This is just one sample of the things they put together for her based on her style profile.

Lottie reached another Kindergarten milestone.
Her class celebrated their 100th day of school.
In honor of this achievement, 
they were invited to dress up as a 100 year old version of themselves.
Eliza and Henry never did this, so I was super excited for this first!

Here she is... in all her cat lady glory!

I love picking up Forrest from preschool 
(I still get super sad dropping him off...STILL...it's the worst)!!
His reaction when he sees my car is darling.
He jumps up and down and screams so all can hear,
"It's my Mom! She is here!"
It makes me feel so special.

The other day, I was nearly hit with cuteness overload when I spotted him
wearing his heart crown and red cape...

They had learned about having royal manners that day.
After that, he was deemed, "The King of Hearts"
and I melted.

This year, I wised up and decided that the four kids had to have the same valentine card for their friends.
I like branching out and doing something beyond store bought...
but customizing and paying for FOUR different ideas overwhelmed me this year. 
The kids were supportive of my decision and had a fun time assembling them together.

At the end of the month, 
Eliza participated in the Science Fair.
She and her friend Kambri decided to see what would happen to a gummy bear in liquids.
They worked well together and learned a lot about osmosis in the process.

She wanted to dress up for her presentation.
I thought she looked stunning. 

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