Sunday, March 19, 2017

Road trip to Disneyland!

All Aboard!
Our long awaited, much talked about, meticulously planned,
DREAM trip to Disneyland finally arrived!

My fingers were crossed throughout the month of February 
that our family would be able to dodge major illness. 
The possibility of a sudden fever or an upset stomach bug making an appearance 
while on our vacation, stayed in the back of my mind while planning.

The weather was something else we kept a close eye on. 
With these things in mind, 
I called upon my inner girl scout to peruse Amazon
 to help me prepare for all scenarios. 

Saturday, February 24 arrived and by some miracle 
(or Mom's crazy awesome efficiency!)
we made it out the door on schedule - 9:00 am. 
Our first stop was to Nana Marie's house!
I was so happy that she was willing to drive with us.
She is one of the people I love most on this planet. 
Also, her presence helped all of us stay on our best behavior. :)

After a long stretch in the car, we made our way to Chik-Fil-A in St. George.
While eating lunch, we drove over to the fabulous new, all abilities, play ground, Thunder Junction! 
"Are we there yet?"

When we left our house that morning, our driveway was covered in snow!
You can imagine that after months of winter,
that St. George sunshine was a welcome change!
After eating their lunch, we were more than ready to stretch our legs!
I know the kids could have stayed a lot longer, but we were eager to get to Las Vegas.
Travel weary Fleglets!

On to the next adventure!

Late in the afternoon, we arrived in Las Vegas.
Our first stop was to the Bellagio hotel. 
Again, the kids were excited to walk around, 
although they didn't fully understand what we were about to do.
Check out the video below to see their fun reactions to the fountain show. 
After the fountain show, we walked through the conservatory gardens at the Bellagio.
Next up, we picked up a box of Little Caesars pizza before
checking into our hotel and calling it a night.
We had a great little breakfast the next morning at our hotel and then left for Anaheim! 

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