Sunday, March 12, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Valentine's day is always exciting. 
Breakfast included pink heart shaped pancakes with nutella and whipped cream!
(To be honest, what that really means is that the first four pancakes are hearts
and all those made after are normal circles...because who has time for that on a school morning?)

Eliza got dolled up for the fifth grade lip sync.
Her group danced to "You Aint Nothin but a Hound Dog!"
She also took charge of making her  valentine's box and Henry's. 
Sweetening the deal even more, they used supplies we already had on hand.
She was in heaven as she crafted away.
I was so happy that I didn't have to do much!

After her performance, Forrest and I headed over to his school.
I was lucky enough to stay the whole time and help with his class party. 
Here he is delivering his valentine cards to his friends.
And here is one of his best pals!
I was so happy to see that Forrest followed directions really well.
He was quiet and attentive when his teachers were speaking. 
I am so proud of him! 

Spending time in my kid's classrooms is so helpful.
It helps me put a name to the faces of their friends
and observe how they respond to their teachers.
I do my best to develop a relationship with both their teacher and peers. 
When the kids came home,
it felt like Halloween all over again. 
They sat down together and began to sort through their candy and talk about their class parties. 
I don't generally ration their intake of candy.
This is probably terrible parenting,
but I let them go to town on their treats so that it's out of the house quicker!

The highlight of Valentine's day was helping Henry deliver a special valentine to one of his best pals.
Real quick, first. 
This is the box Eliza helped him make!
Henry was very open at school that he was going to ask someone to be his valentine.
But rather than do it publicly at school, he wanted to deliver her valentine to her home.
He wrote a darling card, picked out a box of chocolates that said, "I am TOAD-ally yours!"
and chose a rose for her.

He was full of excitement and nerves as we drove to her house.
Her reaction was darling. 
It made his day. 
And mine. 
I loved it all. 

These two will be the first to tell you  that they are just really good friends.
Even so, Henry cares a lot about her.
One time, while talking about her on the way to a violin lesson, I said to him,
"Henry! I hope she never breaks your heart." I paused a moment before I added, 
"Or, I hope you never break hers!"

He solemnly replied, "Mom, I will never break her heart."
Hearing the sweet and honest tone in his response nearly made me cry!

 And finally, check out these lovely flowers my valentine gifted me!
I LOVE them and have enjoyed them so much. 
It's the middle of March and they are still in bloom!

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