Friday, April 14, 2017

California Adventure Day 4 {2017}

I have plans to frame this picture for my home!

While Andrew was parking the stroller, I asked the kids to stop for a picture in front of Ghiradellis.
It wasn't until later that I noticed the photo bomber who definitely makes the picture! 
Prior to taking it, Eliza had been teasing Henry which is the reason behind that very genuine smile.
Meanwhile Lottie and Forrest were legit loving one another.
And then there's Dad.
Oh, I love it. 
I definitely loved this brownie sundae too.

The last day of our trip was sad! 
However, instead of focusing on the drive home that awaited us,
I tried to cultivate feelings of gratitude.

I was thankful for the beautiful weather, 
having my Mom spend the week with us, 
spending time with our Alaska cousins,
the many laughs and magical moments shared with my husband and kids
and that we had been safe and healthy throughout our trip.
It was so so good. 

We did, however, have one giant scare that day. 
We were in line for Toy Story. 
Forrest was swinging on one of those chains that connect the posts that form the line.
You know what I am talking about, yes?

It wasn't stable at all and clearly, we weren't paying attention.
Trusting in his swing, he fell backward. 
I heard the back of his skull meet pavement.

My heart and stomach sank! 
The sound was horrible.
He was so sad and I was so worried.
I was ready to jet to the emergency room.
Andrew talked me off that ledge and suggested we cuddle him and wait it out.

It wasn't long until he was ready for the next ride.
We gave him some Ibprofen and kept a close eye on him.
He did just fine!

At the beginning of our final day, we revisited our favorite rides:
Radiator Racers, California Screaming, Toy Story, Soarin Around the World

After lunch, the Mays crew went back to swim at their hotel. 
As for our family, we decided to check out the animation studio.
It was so fun! 
Eliza and Nana Marie ended up going back together later that evening to draw more Disney characters!

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Forrest and Eliza met Sully.
Somewhere, in the middle of all the fuzzy blue fur, is Forrest!
We checked out the sneak peek to Disney's Beauty and the Beast,
rode the Monsters Inc. ride and then went to Ghiradellis!
That night we met up with our cousins for one final hurrah and then called it a night!

Thank you Andrew for supporting my wild wish to visit Disney again. I cherish these trips so much. I love you.

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