Friday, April 7, 2017

Disneyland Day 3 {2017}

My Disney Princesses

Our third day at Disneyland included some of my favorite moments from our trip.
The day began with a mad rush to the Peter Pan ride. 
I really do love this ride, but the crazy line that supports it always surprises me.
The secret of getting there "first" is no longer a secret. 
Even so, we made our way there as soon as the park opened. 

Forrest was looking comfortable and content up on his Dad's shoulders.
It makes me happy whenever I see one of my toddlers catching a ride in this fashion.
But what I love most about this picture is the happy expression on 
my Mom's face in the background that I captured unintentionally. 
The line is never too long when you are waiting with cousins!

Next, I insisted we visit Mickey Mouse!
This time, I was pleased to discover, a short line!
Disney magic was on our side because after our visit with Mickey,
he needed to take a quick break!
After hugging him goodbye, our family took a tour of Mickey's house.
On his way to take a short break,
I was excited to see that Micky was walking through the house with us.
Henry, however, didn't notice.
With his back turned away from Mickey, I hollered at Henry to look at me.

Mickey positioned himself just perfectly.
As Henry turned around to look,
he found himself staring right at Mickey's nose!
"Ah!!" Henry cried!
As we laughed and enjoyed the moment,
Mickey put his arm around Henry, pulled him in for a hug and rubbed his hair!
And the best part was I captured it on my iphone.
It's somewhere on this video:

Henry is so great. I LOVE him.

That afternoon we made a first time visit to the Tiki room.
For Lottie's tap dance this year, she is dressing as a bird and dancing to the tiki room music.
Dole whips were also involved!
That visit was for her and I think she really enjoyed it.
On our way there, we found Moana.
We stopped to listen to her tell her story.

After that, the girls (Nana Marie included) and I made our way to the
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!
It is a definitely a splurge but the moment I sat down to watch my girls
begin their exciting transformation,
I felt so happy I made the appointment! 

Real quick though...
on our way there, we bumped into the Fairy Godmother.
I thought that was nice timing. :)

We also ran into Alice and the Mad Hatter. 

With my Mom seated beside me,
we watched as Eliza and Lottie became acquainted with their
"Fairy Godmothers in Training."

"I have been in training for eight years!" Eliza's fairy told her.
It was clear right away that Lottie hit the jackpot with hers.
Her fairy was named Lettie!
And she liked to talk!

She was warm, charming, interested in Lottie and incredibly funny.
My Mom and I giggled as she tried to break Lottie's serious surface.
I could tell Lottie was enjoying herself,
but because she was feeling a little shy, she didn't express much emotion.
Lettie didn't let that stop her.
She was well prepared with Disney related jokes
and had a quick wit that led to some funny banter.
Whenever a smile escaped her Lottie's lips, we all cheered.
As quiet as she was,
Lottie's big brown eyes twinkled; assuring me that she was loving every second.

As for Eliza,
she was polite and engaging as she interacted with her fairy Godmother in training.
I was happy to see Eliza sitting in her chair.
She had wavered as to whether or not she wanted to participate.
I wanted the decision to be hers.
A week or so before our trip, she asked with excitement if she could go with Lottie.
Her inner child had prevailed over the tween I live with now.

Eliza completed her transformation first.
As she waited for Lottie to be finished,
I noticed that she kept sneaking glances of herself in a nearby mirror.

It wasn't a stroke of vanity, in my opinion,
but rather, what I saw was a return of my six year old Eliza.
It made me so happy to catch a glimpse of her again,
but now as I type these sentences, my heart feels a bit achy. 

Here's a link to a post I wrote when Eliza visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as a six year old.

We made our way to the castle for a few photos.
Next, we found some soft pretzels for dinner and jumped in line to meet Belle.

Here's a fun video of our visit to the bibbidi bobbidi boutique:

We watched a Tangled inspired musical and then were reunited with our boys.
Andrew took the kids on a few rides while I made their souvenir purchases.
Having sometime to myself, I sat down on main street to soak in the ambiance. 
It was then that I decided that we would be staying to see the parade again.
It was the second showing and it was getting late.
However, since I was already parked in a great spot, I decided to go with it.

The kids and Andrew joined me a while later.
There were some complaints of fatigue at that point, but once the parade began
I was happy we stayed.

Princess Lottie fell asleep like this on our walk back to the hotel.
It describes Disney perfectly. 

And finally, here's a photo of the kids with their Disney treasures.
I took it the following morning... on our last day!

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