Sunday, April 23, 2017

March Happened

Here's a quick recap of a few things that transpired in March!

While on our trip to Disneyland, we received word that both Eliza and Lottie were the winner's for their grade in the Dr. Seuss poetry and art contests. We were all super excited for them. Way to go girls!
Henry, it should be noted, won a poetry contest at the classroom level too!
The day before we left for California, Eliza and I attended 5th grade maturation day together. Now, the details of those conversations shall remain confidential, but the memory of spending that time together is special to me. There are definite moments as a parent when you are "winging it," while simultaneously  hoping for the best. And while I kind of felt that way, I also can say that I did my best to prepare for our conversation. Mostly, I tried to let her lead with her questions. I didn't want to over share but I also wanted her to feel comfortable asking me whatever she wanted. After the presentation at the school, we went to Fiiz where we finished our chat. She is such a wonderful girl. I love being her Mom so much.

 One thing she did say was, "I was not expecting to hear that!" It made me laugh.

Shifting gears entirely, Eliza has been out visiting a friend in our neighborhood who wants to know more about our Church.She has loved spending time with the sister missionaries and has shared with me that whenever she is with them, she feels so happy. 

Sunshine, rain, snow...
Eliza is getting the full missionary experience 
as they have walked to most of their appointments. ;)

Henry had a birthday in March! That's a giant milestone! How is he nine years old? Geez! His birthday celebration deserves its own post, so that's up next. Another big moment came when he attended violin federation at the University of Utah. He spent hours preparing for his big moment! When the time came, he played his two songs, memorized, in front of three judges. A week later, at his next violin lesson, we learned that he earned a "superior" rating! That's the highest he could have scored! We are so proud of him and are delighted to see how much he loves music! 

Earlier in the month, he had his third grade wax museum. I am sure you can tell whose life and story he portrayed! There are a handful of Walt Disney movies floating around. He and I had fun "researching" his life while watching some of these films!

As for Miss Lottie! What a ball of light and sass and LOVE she is!
One of the cool things about Kindergarten this year is that once a month, she has a family homework assignment. In March, we took part in building our first ever Leprechaun Trap!

She didn't catch any leprechauns, but it was reported that they messed up her entire classroom!!

And finally, Forrest! He is loving preschool. He came home as a baker and was kind enough to share some of his delicious cupcake with me.

He also had the chance to bring home "little lamb" for the weekend. We showed Lambie around town on our bikes!

And last but not least, Mom had a birthday too! I turned thirty three years old! It's a little hard to get old, but I don't think I struggle with it as much as some people do. Maybe that will happen further down the road. I just think that the alternative to aging is not being here on Earth, so I am grateful I have another birthday to celebrate! Also, I am really thankful for what I have done in my life. To some, it's not much. But for me, there's never been a doubt in my mind that my life is to be centered around Motherhood. I love it and am thankful I get to be apart of it; even on the hard days. I don't have any regrets and I think that makes me feel really lucky.

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rachel garber said...

In fifth grade we had to give a five minute memorized speech to our class, with a camera recording us, on a famous person's life. So I was Walt Disney and I still remember my first sentence, "Hello. My name is Walter Elias Disney and I was born December 1, 1905 in Chicago, Illinois." :) I love when I see kids pick to be him for their projects, way to go Henry!

Happy Birthday!