Monday, June 19, 2017

Easter Time 2017

Presenting my {current} favorite photo of my children.
Sweet little bunnies.

Forrest graduated from the "kid table" and has become
a  full fledged easter egg coloring participant this year!
It's fun to find an activity that all four are equally jazzed about!
The Saturday before Easter, the Mays cousins came over for our annual Easter Egg hunt. 
And when I say "annual Easter Egg hunt," I need to clarify a little. 
For me, this activity involves me tidying up my house;
while my mom fills all the eggs and brings all the treats 
(read: she does all the work).
I should not receive credit for this happy memory. 
Thank you, Mom!

Easter Sunday we went to Nanna Teresa and Bubba's house.
It was a wonderful weekend filled with family...
...and really cute newborn babies!

Wedged between these beautiful temple photos,
I want to take a quick minute to express gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I believe that as I have tried to follow Him, I have been led to my life's greatest blessings.
My family, imperfect as we are, is the center of my happiness.
Because of their great love for us,
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ desire for us to be together forever.
By trying to keep His commandments and by making sacred covenants,
 we walk a path back to our Heavenly home.

I make a lot of mistakes.
A lot.
In fact, while watching Moana recently, one of my dear children
likened me to the upset lava monster who had her heart stolen.
She was a hot, mean, grumpy mess!
That was humbling to hear!
So clearly, I have some refining and cooling off to do.

Through Heavenly Father's plan, I can start over.
Each week, I can apologize when I fall short and promise to do better.
His grace lends me that new beginning and forgiveness.
When the path grows dark and lonely,
I can ask Him to walk beside me.
He offered to carry the heavy load for me.
But I have to ask for His help and have faith in His plan while waiting for that light to return.

I am not trying to be preachy or "too Mormon."
My life isn't as idyllic as my writing may portray.
It's hard.
Some of our struggles are visible for others to see
but most are born privately.

When I sit down to write,
I hope to entertain. Yes. I love making people laugh and smile.
But my primary motive, at least today,
is what I would want my kids to know when I am gone.

Please know that I love our Savior.
I don't know what difficult paths we will be asked to walk.
But, I know He will always walk with us if we ask.
And when that sad day of separation comes;
hopefully many, many years from now...
It is because of Easter and His marvelous resurrection
that I will get to hold you again
and smother your faces in kisses.

That is the miracle of Easter!

Shifting gears entirely,
Here's a sampling a photos from April 2017.

new hair for Mom

Stumbling upon scenes like this make my heart explode.

These two had fun competing in their respective 
pinewood derby races.
Neither of them won, but they had a lot of fun.

Eliza came to Lottie's dance studio with me
and entertained us by pulling different faces.


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