Thursday, June 8, 2017

Henry's Birthday Letter, Age 9

Dear Henry,

Over two months have passed since you turned nine! It has not escaped my mind that I have not yet shared my thoughts and feelings about you or captured this year's festivities. I suppose I should back track to last year when your Dad and I spent your birthday in Hawaii without you. Having labeled you as an easy going, go with the flow, type of kid, I didn't think our absence would have the lasting impact that it seems to have had! However, you have reminded me more than once that you didn't get a party last year and that we,

"...went to Hawaii without us!" Never mind the pile of presents we left for you to open or your fun Grandparents who helped to celebrate you that day; because it would seem that it mattered a lot to you that we were absent. For that, I am sorry! Your baptism was such a special day with family that I thought it would make up for us being gone, but the two occasions felt separate to you. And looking back, I agree with you.
(The day before your 9th birthday, the kids and I brought you Subway for lunch!
This was the first time, that I can remember, that you mentioned that you were embarrassed that I took your photo in front of your friends... sheesh. You must be getting older!)

With that back story now covered, you will see that I tried to let you celebrate your day the way that you wanted most. The pressure was on! ;) More than gifts, you wanted a party! Even though your birthday fell on a Saturday, we postponed it a week so that you could attend your friend Scarlett's party. Her birthday party had been scheduled first and it was important to you that you attend.

For breakfast that day, we went to IHOP. We made note of the time when we walked in to restaurant. You were still eight years old. We watched the clock as you officially became nine. You walked in an eight year old and came out a nine year old! This made you laugh. That was a pretty significant meal! Next, we went to IFA where we bought 16 baby chicks! Oh my! Then came the birthday party, followed by a trip to Nanna Teresa's house. It was a pretty full day, but you made several comments that you were happy.  
A week later, we had several friends head to our house. We were here just long enough for a picture because we had plans for a fun afternoon at Sky Trampoline Arena!
As fun as the party was, one of the highlights was "racing home" when the party was over. 
Your Dad was driving the boys while I had your brother and sisters, plus all the ladies!
The kids, in both cars, were hollering and screaming with excitement,
 as we took turns (safely) passing each other on the road.
Your party was so much fun. 
I think it fulfilled your birthday wish!

Papa took this picture of you. 
I think you were six weeks old (about).
It's one of my very favorites!

Recently at violin, your teacher asked us which of my children was "the favorite." Without missing a beat, you smiled at us and said, "I am the favorite!" As a Mom, I hope that all of my kids feel that they are "the favorite." :) And while I maintain feeling an equal amount of love and gratitude for each of my kids, I want to tell you some of my favorite qualities about YOU! 

You are kind and caring. I appreciate so much how you look after Forrest. Sharing a room with him isn't always easy, but you often tell me about how he came and snuggled with you before falling asleep or early in the morning. You do countless favors and most of the time, you are cheerful when asked. Watching you learn to play the violin this year has been one of the neatest Mom experiences to date. Initially, my focus was about how much of my time would be required to help you be successful. Well, "all that time" involved has become valued one on one time that we share. The drives in the car to Peggy's house or to your performances have become great "talk time." When your songs are memorized, I will sit in the front room while you play. This is going to sound over the top cheesy, but I do love when we make eye contact while you play. Without saying anything, I can tell you how proud I am of you for practicing so hard and that your music brings me great joy. At least... whether you realize it or not, that's what i am feeling. 

School recently ended and you were sad. You have had a great experience this year. It wasn't perfect; school never is, but you made some great new friends and were blessed with wonderful teachers who care so much about you. This Spring, you had a cough that lasted five long weeks. We never determined what it was, but it lingered and was a genuine hardship. You came home from school early on Eliza's birthday, with a headache. You had your third grade performance that day and someone had told you that you were going to ruin the performance with your cough. You were so hurt by this comment that you came home. Your darling teacher called me to see how you were feeling. She was upset when she heard what was said to you and encouraged you to come back when your head was feeling better. I am so thankful for the teachers at Uintah for their genuine love and concern for my kids. This is just one of many examples from this year. Henry, you came home with another perfect report card. WELL DONE! Your positive attitude and hard work ethic will lead you to a lifetime of success and achievement. Your fun loving, happy personality attracts people to you. Sleep is important as I feel like your weaknesses only creep up when you're tired. You are a strong, smart, wonderful child and being your Mother is an honor. I love you sweet boy. Stay close to your Heavenly Father and work hard to keep the Holy Ghost as your friend and companion.

Happy Happy birthday!
I love you so much,

(And because I am playing catch up in the biggest way possible... I am going to include some random March photos since I already uploaded them... not sure why, but here they are!)
(How his teacher adorned him for the happy birthday song at school!)

I hosted my power of mom group at our house. 
I cheated as I picked up the desserts from Kneaders!
We bought our neighbor's couch!
I love having  a place that fits all of us when we snuggle up for movies.
Nana Marie helped me choose the pillows and rug. 

Henry suffered a nose injury at soccer.
He was on the verge of tears, but before he lost it, 
Eliza hollered, 
"Henry! You just pulled a Scott Sterling!"
And he burst out laughing!

Henry is the cutest with babies!
He LOVES and is so enchanted by baby Reid!!

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