Thursday, September 7, 2017

The one before I start posting about Summer!

This is madness! My blog has officially fallen "inactive"... Here I am, about to recap the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year, and my kids are already back in school! Geez! The plan is to knock this post out and then recap summer in an incredibly succinct fashion. Do you think I can do it? To be honest, I have my doubts!

Lottie graduated Kindergarten! I am thankful she had such a great year with Mrs. Read! 

First and Last Day of Kindergarten

Looking back at my other Kindergarten graduates!

Millie and Lottie - She is one of her favorite friends!

Forrest chose to attend his Mother Goose themed preschool program as
Hickory Dickory Dock!

He looked darling!
Unfortunately, his performance was short lived.
He was overcome by stage fright and so, like a mouse,
he scurried back and forth from the stage to my lap.

At one point, Lottie sat up on stage with him. 
What a great sister!
He was sure thrilled to go home with his candy lei and certificate.

Poor little mouse!

An "end of year" highlight for Henry was mini society.
Henry and his friend Scarlett opened up, "The Pop Shoppe!" 
where they sold popcorn and soda POP!
They are the cutest!

For his "show and teach" 
Henry played two of his Pizzicato String songs for his class.
They were super impressed!

Forrest and I got to attend 
"The Teddy Bear picnic" with Lottie.
Sadly, it was stormy outside so we had our picnic in her classroom.
It was a fun morning.
Spirit week... I think they are super heroes?

These three are getting so so excited for summer!

See you later soccer season!
Eliza finished up her last season, ever, by scoring one final goal!
Great job Eliza!

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