Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

I ought to begin with an introduction of this year's cast of characters. Our family proudly presents:


a pumpkin,a cowboy and his witch of a wife. Andrew's joke, "I told her to go as herself this year" didn't get old either. I know. You're kind of disappointed that we retired our Adam and Eve costumes. Please know we are more than willing to loan them out to family and friends if you're ever feeling brave (and kind of foolish).

Looking back at this past month, we've certainly had our fill of Halloween activities. It began with a night of "Boo at the Zoo." It was the first time I saw Henry in his outfit. After I saw him, I knew that I'd picked the right one. Get it, "picked"?All the kids were adorable, the atmosphere was spot-on for young children and the crowd was minimal (we lucked out on the timing).

Last week our friends invited us over for "dinner in a pumpkin" Michelle went all out (no surprise there) with her planning. Dinner was so(ooooo) delicious, the mood was festive and the kids were in heaven with their coloring table, access to treats and the Halloween Charlie Brown movie. I was able to sneak in a round of karaoke and enjoyed the adult conversation. Michelle and co. had plans to leave the next day to Utah which left us with the (HAPPY) duty of taking home the leftovers. Andrew was raving about the food all week. The following day, I hosted our preschools Halloween party.
We maintain a separate/private blog for Eliza's preschool activities. Unsure of how the other Mama's feel about me posting their kiddo's pics, I've opted to leave them off this blog until I have their consent. The party was a success. My personal favorite was watching the kids wrap each other up in toilet paper (mummies).

On Halloween day, Andrew the cowboy, went on a man errand. I opted to walk the mall with the kids while we waited. I was kind of surprised when Andrew announced that it was his first time to visit the mall. I surprised myself further when I realized that it was only my second.

Following lunch, we went and fed the ducks and rode the train at a nearby park. I neglected to take our camera. However, here are some photos of the same park when the kids and I went earlier this month for a preschool field trip.Halloween night, we met up with some friends for an evening of trick or treating. The weather was 70 degrees when our night out began. Halfway through our route, the rain started. Henry and I were well protected, Eliza was too giddy to notice and Andrew's not much of complainer to begin with. Although we were somewhat damp, the weather didn't (here we go again, are you ready?) dampen our spirits!

Last year, Halloween was somewhat of a lonely affair. We didn't have anyone to show off our kids too, so we took them to visit the cute girl who sold us our home. She has since become a dear friend of our family, but I kind of want to cry for our little family when I think back on that memory.

It's amazing how things can change. Sure, it's still awfully sad not being able to visit Grandparents on Halloween night. Seeing pictures of my Mom's Halloween party wasn't easy, either. However, as I try to stay optimistic, I'd like to give us credit for making this month a memorable one. More than anything, I feel lucky to have the friends we have.
Thanks for including us and thanks for loving my kids.


A and M's Mom said...

They are too cute!

Megan and Jonny said...

I confess--I do miss the Adam & Eve costumes. I can honestly say that I will never be brave enough to borrow those suckers from you. And I LOVE that you wore them to your first ward Halloween party. That's gutsy.

We will actually be in West Virginia for Thanksgiving, so touristing is a no-go. But if you're ever up here again, PLEASE let me know!

Just out of curiosity, what's in Ashburn? I ask because my little sister is oh-so-patiently waiting for a missionary from Ashburn (he's been out almost 6 months). I want to tease her mercilessly, but she might just pull an Ali and actually wait for the kid! :)

Michelle said...

I am glad your Halloween turned out fun. I am sad we weren't there with you. Next year we wont plan a trip around Halloween. Oh, I laughed when I read Eliza cut her hair. Just today I had to cut a chunk of gum or candy out of Talon's hair. They just have to be the same.

Davis Family said...

They are so darling! I love reading your blog now that we've moved away from's like what I can (hopefully) expect things to be like in a year from now. :)

Emily said...

Yay for Halloween, good friends, and new traditions! I loved seeing all the pics - you guys all looked awesome!

Whit, Lindsey, and Jonas said...

Very Cute!! I'm so happy to see that you guys dress up..cause we are like the only ones who do. I think it's fun! Great pictures!

Liz Green said...

Cute costumes. Did Eliza choose her costume or did you decide on it? We might take you up on borrowing your Adam and Eve costumes for next year.Lol! Then again, I'm doubting I can even get Mark to dress up. So glad to hear about your exciting Halloween adventures.

Katie said...

What a fun halloween! Your pictures at the top of your blog are sooooo cute!