Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wrapping up Charleston

Let me begin by saying I have no idea who the men Ive circled in red are.

My inner-creep insists that pointing them out serves a purpose. Despite the fact they are strangers to us, their expressions were familiar. The stares of disbelief, the smiles of amusement and the occasional grimace born of annoyance followed our group of adorable chaos wherever we went.

We stood out at the beach. Our friends may claim the attention we attracted at the beach was derived from the Flegal's shockingly white shade of skin.
One couple pulled us aside as we were leaving to mention that they were recent empty-nesters.

"Watching y'all has been such a joy." They then asked, "Who belongs to who?" (in regard to our children).
The "coordinated" boogie boarding surfer chick and the dump truck loving sprite who shadows her, belong to us (a.k.a. the brunettes). As Eliza bonded with that board in the waves, her bravery thickened. I was both anxious and proud as she allowed those waves to propel/pummel her forward.

Strolling along Waterfront Park, I was too focused on finding a bathroom (the story of this trimester) to appreciate the smiles of those we passed by. I wandered away from the park in pursuit of a bathroom. As I sputtered around the French Quarter, I willed myself to soak up the enchantment of my surroundings. Alas, it was in vain as I was fearful I'd be soaking up something else if I didn't hurry.

Playing up the pregnancy card, I walked into a renovated hotel and asked for directions. And boom! Just like that I was being escorted through the hotel's historic halls to the fanciest little bathroom I ever did see. Finding myself alone, I totally signed the prestigious looking guest book on my way back out to the street.

I rejoined our family in time to see the kids revving up their engines for round one of 'Red light/Green light.'

(I have zero idea who that marshmallow is my husband has his arm around)

Sunday night we invaded the Angel Oak just as they were preparing to lock the gate. We flooded right past their intention to close up for the night as we made our way to the magnificent tree. Giving the remaining tourists quite a show, we did our best to rally our troops for pictures.

(Meet the Fletchers and Blasers!
Andrew pays them to be our friends.
I'm alright with this.)

However, the best reactions our group inspired happened during our bike ride. Our bike parade consisted of eight bikes, three full to capacity bike trailers and one baby bike seat.
I'm not sure if it was the combined number of our brood, that six of the nine kids there were four years old or younger, or the fact that two out of the three Moms were obviously pregnant. Either way, I'm hoping we're able to get us all together again for a repeat experience. We had the best time.

The botanical charms that are unique to this area, the historical homes, the temperature of the ocean, the mandate that all Southern properties be equipped with an over sized porch with its accompanying swing and rockers - makes Charleston, South Carolina one of my absolute favorite places to be.
The Porch
What's better than eating an otter pop on the porch swing?
*enter Hallmark response here*
Sharing one with a friend.

In conclusion, this is what happens when you tell your kids that the Keebler Elves live at the Angel Oak.

Cute Henry


Michelle said...

That was really an AWESOME vacation. I'm glad you talked Andrew into spending the extra bucks for the best time of your life.

Keersten said...

That looks like a dream! ...and you look darling on your bike. :D

A and M's Mom said...

We saw Angel Oak this spring. It was so amazing! Now I think we need a combined family vacation to Disney World!

Camille said...

Can I come live with you guys? You have WAY more fun than we do! :) Sounds like an amazing vacation!

p.s. I asked Claire about a name for your baby...she says Brygow. You're welcome. ;)

Heidi said...

That looks like a blast! I'm so glad you were able to get out and have some fun while pregnant. Those experiences are few and far between. Love your blog, still. I don't think that will ever change.

HAYHAY said...

SUPER FUN! I love the picts. I'm pretty sure my blonde family full of white bodies would have went well with yours on that beach. OH man... I want to go there.

Chris said...

Ali - love it. You are missing the photo at the angel oak with all of us (and a screaming Eliza). I want to see that one. Love, love the photo of you on the bike! We had such a good time - so glad you all came!