Saturday, March 9, 2013

Henry's Monster Bash!

With his 5th birthday quickly approaching, Henry woke up Saturday morning ready to party with his friends, MONSTER-STYLE!!
After peering around the room just before 10:00, 
this Mom-ster felt satisfied that we were set to go.
When Henry's friends arrived, they got busy decorating their own goodie bags.
The finished product.
And, if I may say so, 
the best photo bomb of the day.

The Monster Toss

Our hungry monster was eager to be fed. 
His diet consists of 'dirty' socks and pinata candy. 
Hoping he'd spare the candy,
The kids did a great job filling his belly full of socks!
Andrew, who had created the Monster Toss in its entirety,
was pleased that the kids were content playing the game for a long while.
Next up, we took pictures. 
Because, well... the Mom-ster wanted to!
While Andrew prepped the pinata,
Henry opened his gifts.
 He was thrilled! :) 

With a house full of boys who are both aggressive and loud, 
we thought smashing a pinata 
(which would later prove to be industrial strength)
would be appropriate!
Lottie took two gentle swipes before retiring.
"I'm all done." 
But it shall be noted that she got a pair of socks
in the mouth of the monster on her first throw. 

 *Side note:
Eliza was absent. 
She was busy having fun
at a friend's 'spa' and breakfast birthday party. :)

Presenting my pinterest fail.
The cake!
Kind of scary, yes?
(but not really in the way Pinterest intended!)
At least it tasted delicious.
And how about that cute Monster frame?
 It's fair to say that Andrew is no longer the only
'hot glue gun happy' one at our house. 

Who would have thought that a 
hot glue gun was the key to softening my 
"I can't craft. I won't craft" heart?

It came in handy when I decorated the party favors too!

 Happy birthday to you!!
The sentimental schmoozy, "I LOVE HENRY" yuck-fest
hasn't been written yet.
But, oh. It's coming!

It was a great beginning to his 
FIVE (*gulp!) year old
birthday festivities.

And to my main Monster squeeze,
Thanks for all your help. 


Brian D said...

Looks like fun. No stray throws, huh? Seems like the real target for a young boy would be the lantern or tile over the fireplace!

Ali said...

Ha ha! Actually, the 'stray' pair of socks that I remember are the ones that nailed me in the face.

Ali said...
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*Jess* said...

best monster party ever!

jamie t. said...

So cute! I may have to copy the idea for our little guy sometime.

Karen said...

What a cute party. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to kife the idea some day as well!