Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Forrest turns two!

How cute is he?

Forrest Daniel Flegal, age two

Dear Forrest Daniel,

Happy second birthday, baby boy!! Oh Forrest, your Mama loves you so much. You have captured my heart and I am certain you will have it all the days of my life. Please forgive my scattered thoughts as my relationship with blogging feels mixed up right now. I need to prioritize this part of my life again and recommit to keeping a record as I am feeling these precious days of having babies and small children are so fleeting. I want to be able to remember you, in this moment and this is the best way I know how to do it. 

You are my baby! Oh how I worry over you, cherish you and crave to keep you small. Thinking up ways of keeping you safe fill my thoughts before I go to bed! Watching you learn and accomplish new things is thrilling and frightening. Just this past week you figured out how to unlock and open all of the major doors in our house. Well aware of your curious nature, I have to say that the need to call  in reinforcements is right now. I know well that you love to explore and discover; especially outside. In terms of mischief and dangerous mishaps, you have outdone your siblings in a big way. It's unclear if this is a testament to the fact that your Mother is distracted and not as careful as she once was or that you are simply more clever and cunning. I can't say for sure. It's probably a combination of both. Either way, you have proven your determination time and time again and, I will say for the record, your ability to open things you shouldn't is troubling and impressive.

What defines you more than your sense of adventure is the size of your heart and your adorable enthusiasm. As I sing to you in your rocking chair, you take your binki out of your mouth to give me kiss after kiss on my lips. I adore you and your tiny hands, the way you lay your head on my shoulder and the sound of you saying my name. Your laugh fills our home and your joyful screams fill the air when we walk in the door after being gone awhile. You make Daddy and me feel like rock stars.

You aggravate your siblings when you take what they have, wreck what they have built or insist that you must have your way. They generally let you call the shots, which sometimes annoys them, but your level of cuteness and fun personality make up for it, I think. They love to play with you, love on you and make you laugh. We sing to you as a group at bedtime while either me or Dad rocks you in the chair. The attention and adoration pours in and it's clear that you love it. Making sure you hug each one of us before bed is also a must. The big kids, if they've been tucked in already, bounce back out to give you a series of hugs and kisses. You fold your arms at prayer time, snuggle up close to someone and try your very best to be big like them.

Your speech is coming along. It's not as progressed as I expected so I'm looking forward to talking with your pediatrician about it. You're able to communicate what you want and love to hear yourself babble. However, your speech isn't at the same place your older siblings were at by the age of two. And that's okay. We will head to speech therapy if the doctor thinks you need to do that or Mom will take a big chill pill if you are hitting all the right marks. To be fair, you can say many words and are interactive and intelligent. It's the full sentences that I am waiting for. Certain sounds are difficult for you to make and if I ask for a tricky word you will say, "No."

You love to be outside!! I am grateful everyday for the yard that you have to explore in, the siblings you have to play with and the animals you get to "care for." Coming inside breaks your heart. You hate it every time. We take walks in the "stro-llah" every day and I feel amused while watching you interact with Lottie on those walks.  

You are known for being shy but recently have warmed up to our neighbors, extended family and nursery teachers. However, if someone comes over and you suspect they might be there to babysit you, you freak out. They later report that you calmed down soon after I left and were a very well behaved boy. I couldn't ask for a better sleeper but lately, when it comes to food, you are picky.

You bring our family such joy and I thank Heavenly Father every day for sending you to us. We love you so much, Forrest! Happy birthday darling!

We kept things close to home on your birthday. I let you have an extra long bubble bath, we played outside with the chickens, I pushed you in your car and gave you a nap. I did a horrible job making your cake, but thankfully you didn't mind. You lit up like a Christmas tree when we sang, "Happy Birthday!"
We gave you a mini power wheel atv for your birthday. You were tentative at first but felt more confident when Lottie was riding beside you. 
 You are the best boy. We love you!

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I can't believe your baby is TWO!