Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How much is that doggy in the window?

Kids are full of surprises; some are delightful and others are downright scary. Fortunately, Lottie surprised us with total commitment, enthusiasm and bravery at her dance recital. Having recently watched her sob her way through the Mothers day songs when our Primary sang in Sacrament meeting to crying at the beginning of her preschool program, I was nervous as I wondered how she'd handle the giant stage, large crowd and bright lights associated with her upcoming performance.
Something clicked, it must have, during the preschool program because she was a different child. Maybe there was something special in those tap shoes of hers because she handled her practices well and was darling to watch during her performance. It made my heart sing watching her on stage.
I only took 100 million photos to document the occasion.
There were nine dancers who performed in this same dance number, but these are the girls that she practiced with each week. She did both tumbling and tap dance this year. U
Papa and Nana Marie were so kind to come and cheer her on. Watching them react to her on stage was almost as fun as watching her perform. It made her feel very special.
The best part of that poofy skirt was when she'd turn to the side, wiggle her hips while singing the words:
"The one with the waggily tail..."
Lottie loved wearing make-up. 
She thought that primping process was very fun. 
The puppy is also hers to keep.
Too cute, Miss Lottie.
Untili next year.

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*Jess* said...

Those costumes are adorable! Go Lottie!!