Friday, December 31, 2010

My Big, Fat New Year Resolution.

Last night I had a dream that Lottie finally met my Dad.

As the lovely dream sequence unfolded, Lottie slumbered in her crib for the first time.In organizing her room, the rocking chair changed locations. The view from my beloved chair, changed from being able to see out the window to seeing this:


Because the frames are so similar to the color of her wall, I'm considering painting them. Any suggestions? I'll be the first to admit that I'm insecure when it comes to decorating my home.

This is where I attempt (and fail) to segue from the telling of dreams to the telling of nightmares; except the one which I'm about to share, (pause for dramatic effect) is painfully real.

Feeling energized from my morning workout:

(It's true. We own an elliptical.
And yes, it doubles as a towel rack.
I've been using it regularly.
Please don't die of shock.)

...I head to my closet to choose the day's outfit which, I have to say, is consistently an awful experience considering the fact that the majority of my clothes were purchased in 2004, are (coughing) a few sizes too small and in the shabbiest of condition. Nevertheless, my mood was high. I had a place to be! The hours ahead would be spent away from my kids (Huzzah!!) That's right folks. I was headed to the dentist's office!

Feeling courageous, I rummaged through a stack of jeans that I haven't looked at in months. Mentally I cheer myself on.

"I had the baby two months ago! I've been faithfully exercising. I can do this!" I select a worn, yet faithful, pair of old blues. And then, as I began to shimmy myself into them,

(*Cue Sue Sylvester)


The surprisingly loud sound of denim ripping apart is one I won't soon forget. I would easily prefer listening to the drills at the dentist's office to the shredding of innocent jean pants. I hope this experience will serve as a reminder that not all women come home from the hospital after giving birth wearing their size nothing jeans; even though, most of my friends seem too. These pants will likewise serve as a tangible piece of motivation to exercise and eat better. I will have my revenge in 2011.

To soothe my self esteem, the family and I spent our evening at Chuck-E-Cheese. I know, right? Pizza is the last thing I need. Despite Henry's expression, we had a blast!

It's a shame Eliza's missing her nose. Other than that, I quite like this picture. We're getting a hang of this "family of five" thing. Thank you Heavenly Father for our newest addition.
2010 was a wonderful year for our family. And because I'm indecisive on what to share, here are a few extra for the grandparents:


The Tate Family said...

You have got to be kidding me with Lottie, she is SO dang cute! I want one! As for the jeans, give yourself a yourself a transition pair of jeans to last you a good nine months. It takes me at least that long to feel back to myself! Jeans are the worst! By the way, those frames and the pictures are so sweet...I tend to lean more towards bold in a little girls room and think a dark pink or green would be adorable, but that might be a little too much for you, I don't know!

Ang said...

1. Lottie is seriously adorable. 2. I totally cried reading that quote and now I'm crying again just thinking about it! It totally been hitting that my baby is diappearing! I love looking at your darling baby.

*Jess* said...

Happy new Year! :)

Cami and Andy said...

Hey good luck on your resolution! I am right there with ya!!! I am up 40 big ones already from this pregnancy! We need to check up on each other to make sure we keep at it. And just like everyone else said but Lottie is SO CUTE. Can't wait for mine.

Liz Green said...

Amen to your quote that women don't fit into their clothes right after giving birth. I'm with you on that one and the worst for me is I still can't exercise aggressively due to c-section.
Love you guys. Chantel can't wait to meet her cousins.

B-dizzle said...

We've all been there I think...even those who haven't given birth. One thing I have learned (yep, here I go) is with the people I really love and adore, I couldn't care less about their weight. Sure I would worry if a loved one were hundreds of pounds overweight and it was affecting their health. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about less than one hundred pounds. The people that really care, don't care.

A and M's Mom said...

Um, it's been three and a half years and I still haven't lost the weight from that second baby. Do you need a weight loss buddy? Cause I've had enough and I'm determined to lose this weight!

Megan said...

i know that "all babies are beautiful", but little lottie is seriously a beautiful baby! and the jeans thing, if it makes you feel any better i am STILL wearing my maternity jeans, 7 months later. that is a goal of mine too, lose some weight and get back into shape. love the quote and pics on the wall! that would be a great reminder for me during those late night/early morning feedings!

Jessica said...

Lottie is the sweetest, can't get enough of those pictures. Give yourself time for jeans, you'll get there! Made me laugh because I can totally relate to your excitement to visit the dentist w/o kids. Vacations are relative aren't they? I like pastels in kids rooms usually, I'd try to match something else in the room, but probably light green, blue or pink is what I'd do. Good luck!

Melissa Stringham said...

Why is it that it seems like all my friends come home from the hospital in their pre pregnancy jeans too?! Almost 10 months post partum, I have been faithfully counting calories and exercising and STILL have almost 10 lbs to lose. Not fair.

I love your quote and pictures.

Hey what city do you guys live in again? Jack is getting ready to apply to some residency programs out there.

Ashley said...

She is so cute Ali, LOve that you used the poem where the rocking chair goes, that is as it should be! Lottie is getting cuter and cuter every day!

Kara said...

I absolutely love the saying on Lottie's wall. If I get to experience the joy of having kids one day I definitely want that in my house.

Michelle said...

Your walls turned out supper cute! I would paint them Green. That way it will match Lotties room but Henry wouldn't be in pink.

Nikki said...

I've loved that quote above your picture frames since Marshall was a little baby. Is it in vinyl? Where did you get it? I must have one!

TaraLee said...

That frame/quote combo is perfect :D Way to focus Ali! Maybe consider just doing a color glaze over the frames?? I just like how the focus is on the pics b/c the frames sort of fade into the wall. good luck!!