Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Name and a Blessing

This morning, Andrew gave our daughter a name and a blessing.

While he pondered the things he would say,
I took care of the small, yet meaningful, details of the day.Lottie was a vision in white. From her hair bow, to the beautiful bracelet my Mom sent, to the sweet booties from Andrew's thoughtful Aunt Jean, she looked angelic.

While the void of family was felt, we are thankful for our amazing friends that stood next to Andrew and for those who offered us kind words of support.
Speaking of friends, I'll always remember that this special day was shared with the Blasers.

Despite Clayton's best efforts to set a reverent example for his friend; when Charlotte's turn came, she pitched a royal fit.
"I did what?!"

Shortly after the blessing began, Charlotte started to cry. Her cry, which I was praying wasn't hers, quickly escalated into a wail. The positive news is that I was able to clearly understand Andrew. The Spirit that I felt as he spoke those beautiful words and promises, trumped her angry cries.

After he concluded, he held her up so the congregation could see her. Quickly, she quieted. Her eyes were wide and alert with confusion as he carried her back to our bench. That suddenly peaceful look is the image I hope to carry with me.
I'm grateful to be married to a man who honors his Priesthood.
And am thankful for the family we're building together.


*Jess* said...

awww :) You guys are a beautiful family!

Karen said...

I love the little pearls on her dress! I'm glad it was a good day for you. You are a beautiful family.

Dave and Lacey said...

She looks perfect! What a special day!

Allison said...

Ali! Lottie's blessing dress is gorgeous!! I wish we could have been there, but it sounded wonderful. Happy New Year!! (And I am definitely crossing my fingers:)

Ami said...

Lottie must be related to my children! 2 out of the 3 screamed during their blessings. The pictures are darling! I wish we could have been there, but I'm glad you had friends to share the day with. XOXO

I'm A. said...

She looks so beautiful! Her face is precious.

Trav and Lizzie said...

I want one like that! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Liz Green said...

What darling photos. I have to ask where you got that gorgeous blessing dress? I received cute booties from Aunt Jean as well. Too bad we don't live close or we could get pictures taken with their twin booties. :) Chantel can't wait to meet her cousin, Lottie.

Audra said...

So beautiful! Your family is gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Lottie was so cute!!
I wish Clay would have sat up a little better but I guess leaning on Lottie isn't a bad thing. She better get used to it.

Jen Bowen said...

Lottie looks gorgeous.