Monday, May 27, 2013

Here Comes Summer!

When her last day of school finally arrived, Eliza woke up with mixed feelings. Saying 'Goodbye' to her teachers wasn't going to be easy. Throughout our morning, she made comments of a disbelieving nature.
 "I can't believe this is my last day of first grade!" She'd exclaim.Or she'd ask, "Can you believe this is my last day of school?'
(Eliza's first and last day of the 1st grade)

Truthfully, it is hard to believe 'summer break' is already here; especially when you consider that Spring arrived about two minutes ago. :) I feel relief knowing I won't have to get kids out the door each morning. Adding a newborn to the mix of a school morning routine isn't my favorite challenge. I am glad that he'll be a few months older when we're doing that again. However, on the flip side, not knowing when I'll feel confident in venturing out with four kids causes feelings of stress. Will I be able to happily occupy four children while maintaining a healthy level of sanity all summer?! Wish us luck, friends!

 As for Henry, his second year of preschool concluded with a darling program and graduation. My personal favorite was watching him play the xylophone as his classmates sang the song, "Pitter-Pat."
Henry's first and last day of preschool

He had a great two years at the Little Red School House! The jump from preschooler to Kindergartener is significant in this Mom's opinion. As for Henry, he hasn't expressed much of a reaction. He smiles big when you remind him that he now is a "Kindergartener," but the impact of the milestone is beyond him.
His program was such a treat. Had it been Eliza, I would have known what to expect from start to finish ahead of time. Henry, keeping such details to himself, didn't say much in advance. When it was his turn to play a particular part, my innards felt all happy and sappy with cheesy Mom pride. He sang so well and kept his little man composure when the naughty boy behind him continued to kick at his chair. I'm so glad he is ours!

With their 'last days' out of the way, Andrew and I went to work on reminding them why the arrival of summer deserves to be celebrated. 
We did our best to welcome back summer, Flegal style, with our first sprinkler run of the season, hot dog roast over the campfire and s'mores.

The grill master. 
Someday, when we're grown-ups, we'll own a big kid BBQ grill.
School? Who needs school?!
Can you spy a Henry?
Some more S'mores, please!

My beautiful crew
New baby Forrest slept through the party.
"A family of six..." I mused aloud while out for a drive this afternoon. 
A smile spreads across his face as he adds,
"Ya. That just kind of happened, didn't it?"

In that man's honor, I will close with a shot of our yard.
He is winning the war on weeds! 
Well done, sir!


rachel garber said...

You timed it right friend! Having a baby gets you out of yard work this summer! I'm secretly hoping for the same thing myself next year. This yard is kicking my trash and making the grumpies a permanent part of my life.

*Jess* said...

you guys are gonna have a great summer!