Wednesday, January 12, 2011

love at first bite

This week has been full of important moments for Henry.

Andrew introduced him to Nutella.
He was blown away.The child knows exactly what to do to get his hands (and face) on more of the good stuff. It's hard to say no to a smile like that.

As for me, I owe my day's happiness to him. We had a breakthrough in the potty training department. Out of the blue, he asked to make "poop splashes" in the potty. I know. You don't care. But hearing those "poop splashes" (his words, not mine) was music to my hears. I've (im)patiently been waiting for him to decide that he's ready. He's been asking to use the potty regularly to "tee-tee" and today, he finally he did the other. This milestone is worth blogging about. We are optimistically cautious that we're done buying size four diapers for awhile.

You can now give into your urge to punch my grateful self in the face (see previous post).

Just make sure I'm not holding this sweet thing when you do.


Jess said...

Oh ali, yes indeed the potty training is very blog worthy! We've been dealing with poop apprehension for months! But we refuse to wear a diaper so there aren't a lot of choices. I think we may just finally be over it. I swear I have child envy right now for a child that potty trains himself and a baby that sleeps like a dream!

*Jess* said...

Way to go Henry! Can you come teach Jayce please? We have to still buy size 6 diapers and I'm over it!

Amanda said...

Your kids are absolutley gorgeous! Glad to hear potty training is going better. I have to say that has been my most frustrating part of motherhood so far. I feel your pain! And your joy when they finally decide to do it, what a happy day!

B-dizzle said...

mmm Nutella. I think that sounds good. That is big for me right now. -Katie

retrobec said...

I'm with Henry. Nutella rocks!

Jennifer Anne said...

You look way too grown up! Is it just me or did he just turn into a little man instead of a baby.. I guess new babies do that to the old ones... Love you Flegals!

Michelle said...

I;m with Henry on the Nutella. We buy that stuff on a regular basis. The sad part it we hoard it for ourselves and leave the kids out of it. Yum!