Tuesday, January 18, 2011

simply ordinary

The snow storm that arrived last week kept Andrew home from work for two days. It was a welcomed repeat of the break he had off from work following Christmas. Our days were filled with snow, comfort food {remember the Nutella?} and getting on each others nerves. Isn't that how a family vacation ought to be? Being confined to the house kept Henry next to the big boy potty. I'm pleased to say that he made it through the week without any accidents.

Despite Henry's best efforts to contribute to the removal of ice, it honestly took days to melt/clear. Kids everywhere were elated that school was canceled the entire week. Add that on top of the observance of Martin Luther King Day and you have a handful of Moms taking out there frustration on the Facebook message boards. Call me lazy, but I love not having anywhere to be. Further evidence of said laziness... my nursing bra is most definitely inside out; the status of which will most likely remain until I decide its time for another shower.

When school is out, I enjoy welcoming my sweet, sometimes homeless looking, child into my bed. With my eyes half closed, I turn on PBS kids and melt back into my pillow. Sometimes we snuggle, but lately she'd rather sneak her Daddy's IPOD as soon as I fade back to sleep. Lottie usually arrives next. After she nurses, she shares with us all of her baby filled thoughts. Henry wakes up last. Oh heavens. Just typing his name makes me smile. His arrival signals breakfast time. Enter a tangent.

Yesterday we met some friends at Chik-Fil-A for a play date. While we were eating, Henry looks at me and loudly inquires,

"Are YOU my Mom?" Yes I am. I have the hair loss to prove it. Seriously though, I've arrived at that postpartum shedding of hair phase. When we went to leave, I was trying my best to steal Henry's attention away from a salt shaker as I headed toward the door. After saying his name 75 times, I finally call:

"Henry Flegal, it's time to go!" He starts to laugh. In an equally loud voice he replies:

"I'm not a Flegal!" It was a repeat of that Chuck-E-Cheese nightmare when he told the worker I wasn't his Mom as he bawled his way out to the car.

Henry is definitely happiest when he has someone to play with/annoy/tease. However, I will admit that having a schedule/routine that sadly revolves around Eliza's school is healthy for me. I'm more productive. And for Eliza, preschool has proven to be a definite blessing in her life.
Speaking of blessings, Lottie is three months old today! She's ignoring all of my pleas to stay little. It would seem that she's in a hurry to be Henry's substitute companion when Eliza is absent. I'd happily press pause to keep her at this stage for awhile longer if it were possible. I'm tired of blinking my eyes to discover that another six months have just passed. I swear, I'll wake up next week and Eliza will be asking me if I've seen her car keys somewhere.
Contrary to public opinion, she does not have a uni-brow. In person, you'd never think it. What you see is the shadow of her protruding brow bone that is made most prominent when wearing an expression of surprise. She has two distinct eye brows and the most delicious cheeks.

At her two month appointment (Dec. 27th), she weighed 11 pounds 9 ounces. I can't remember her height because when child #3 arrives, you realize that sadly the world doesn't revolve around what percentile your child is in. I will say that her growth chart looks great. Lottie usually wakes up once during an eleven hour stretch to eat. With each smile, I fall more in love. And with that being said, I nominate that sentence as being the sappiest of the post.

I love, love, love this baby. With two older siblings vying for their parent's attention, she does well when we have to put her down, but as soon as they are in bed, she's generally in our arms getting a full dose of Mom and Dad.


Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Eliza looks so much older in the picture with the purple cap... Oh my what is happening to the time? I love your blog you know.

Emily said...

I love hearing how the snow storms there cancel everything. I'm sure you loved having some down time, but were ready for some structure again. I find even with just Brooklyn at home I do way better with activities! I love all the pictures you take of your kids, they are so beautiful and look like they are having so much fun playing in the snow! (Lottie staying warm inside of course.)

Sara M. Taylor said...
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