Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed in!

Mother Nature sent the South a second helping of snow. As promised, this storm has proven to be more generous than the dusting we received on Christmas. In true Southern fashion, school was canceled before the first snow flurry fell. Road conditions may turn treacherous once the freezing rain hits; which is why we're being encouraged to avoid travel.

Clearly, Eliza didn't heed the warnings. She should have opted for the four wheel drive vehicle (see background of photo).

We took our time waking up this morning (photo courtesy of the ipod touch). Bless my sweet baby's heart. Dear little Lottie slept eight hours uninterrupted last night. After feeding her at 7:45 this morning, she went back to sleep.
Please resist the urge to punch my grateful self in the face. I assure you that motherhood continues to be a humbling experience. If you'd like me to expand on that topic, ask me how potty training is going with Henry.

It wasn't long until we were bundling up the kids for a morning sledding trip.
Please take note of Henry's thigh high stockings. He rocks the look well.

Lottie and I opted out of the sledding trip, which I hear was great fun. They met up with our friends for a few runs down the hill and then returned home to play with me. Andrew tested out the waterproof video camera Santa left me while they were out.

Classic Henry.
And Classic Andrew.
Eliza wanted her very own sledding hill, so he made her one.
Eliza's "sled" (and Andrew's awesome hat) crack me up. After the kids retreated inside for their mugs of hot chocolate, Andrew hosed down the hill with water to ensure it's extra slippery next time they go out. There's a chance we may lose power as a result of the impending ice storm. Eliza's hoping that happens because she knows that means we're in for a communal sleepover next to the fire place. Either way, we're prepared. Being married to MacGyver offers an added sense of security at the prospect.

Speaking of my MacGyver...Being a better wife and friend to Andrew is one of my resolutions this year. And while it's noble that our world revolves around our kids, I need to make sure that he knows and feels that he's the center of mine.


*Jess* said...

our friends, the Ponzini's, went sledding at that park, too !:)

Heidi said...

Well said. Kids can sometimes get in the way of the reason you had them in the first place... your other half. Good to see your cute little fam!

Catherine said...

What a rockin sledding hill! And yes, the maker of the sledding hill has QUITE the hat. Nice, Andrew, nice. lol Way to go Lottie for making mom's day with such a good night's rest. Sarah also sleeps 8-10 hours most nights which is much better than my other kids ever did. I think Heavenly Father knows you and I could both use more rest with our other daughter and son to care for. What a blessing!

And as always, your family is beautiful, and so are you. You look really pretty with that pink headband, Ali!

Stephanie said...

Umm, hello? You look beautiful in that picture with your Andrew. And that pink hat is ADORABLE!

Michelle said...

This has been such a fun week in the snow/ice! Thanks for posting Talon going down the slide. It made my night.

I'm sad I haven't seen you...what's up with that?!