Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paid Compliments

Thou Shalt Not Take Offense!

... or so they said at Church today. The talks that were given were indeed uplifting and edifying. Based on recent conversations, I'd label the meeting as being "inspired."

I begin with one of the most likable gents in my ward. Pulling me aside in the hallway he says:

"My, my Sister Flegal; you're looking unusually lovely today." If I had given into my natural tendency and taken offense, I would have have retorted,

"Please explain then. How do I usually look?" Good news. I didn't say that. Instead, I smiled grandly and thanked him for his kind(ish) words. Even if what he said is true, I'll take it. I'm proud that I'm able to pull off "lovely" - even if it is once in a blue moon.

The second experience was harder to shake.

My awesome friends offered to spend Friday night playing games with me. You see, Andrew was out of town for the weekend, which left me alone with these crazy characters. I was in need of a social fix. They arrived shortly after I'd put the older two kids in bed. As Lottie slept in her swing, we chatted and played games. Like I said, my friends rock.

While visiting, a friend... oh, let's go ahead and call him "Jared," offers up a request:

"Ali, will you pull your hair back?" Confused, I lift my curly mass of hair away from my face. I watch as he looks down at Lottie who I'm holding in my arms. He glances back up at me.

"Nope." He states in a matter of fact tone. "She didn't get her ears from you." That's it. I'm offended. But it's okay because I hadn't heard the talks from Church yet.

"Does Andrew's ears stick out like hers?" Immediately, I begin hurling words of a defensive nature at him. I can tell by his smirk that he's pleased with the reaction I'm giving him.

After the Church meeting, I walk up to this same friend. Before I can open my mouth he says,

"You're going to get those things pinned down, right?" I swallow up the reaction he's looking for and sputter...

"My salvation is more important. I am NOT offended." And I stomp away.
On a side note, how beautiful is her dress? It's multifunctional as it provided Lottie with a boat load of entertainment. Bonus.

p.s. I love her ears.

The final experience involves none other than my dearly beloved. While chatting about the movie he watched on his flight home yesterday he casually says,

"There's a character, who actually reminds me of you." I'm wise enough to know that this comparison isn't going to be between myself and Katherine Heigl.

"Oh great. I can't wait to hear what ugly actress reminds you of me."

"Oh no. She's not ugly." He stifles back a laugh, "Actually she's pretty chubby."

Are you gasping? I was. Just wait. It gets better.

"Calm down. That's not why she reminds me of you." I stare at him. "It's funny the way she just sits around and tells her husband what to do." And yes, dear reader, this conversation took place less than 24 hours after his return from a multi-day trip away from his family. Not only did he come home to healthy, happy children... the house was nearly spotless. Why? Because I do nothing. Right?!

I will acknowledge that when it comes to teasing, I'm definitely an easy target. And yes, there are times that I will play up/feign the reaction to delight the offender... ie: the situation with "Jared"... whom I count as a good friend. But on other occasions, I rush to assume the worst and have learned from experience that I'm the one that suffers most. Shrug it off, be confident in the woman I am and move on.

Like I said, the talks today were inspired. If you, like me, easily take offense...I recommend this read.

I conclude with a video. Eliza was asked to recite the first article of faith in primary today. She informed me that she was unable to do this unless it was through song. And guess what? Henry knows a song too! It's the theme from the PBS kids show, The Cat in the Hat.



Thanks for the treat Grandma Popcorn!


*Jess* said...

Oh, Andrew, really? I'm shaking my head at him. Did you notice that all of those "compliments" came from guys?

HAYHAY said...

Lottie has got to be the cutest little doll alive! Her ears don't stick out, and Jess is right... guys can be a little tackless at times. It's a good thing we're around!

Karen said...

This is the second post I've read today that has a link to the article from Elder Bednar. Maybe it's a sign?!

Jen Bowen said...

It's amazing how much gets through peoples' filters. I love that talk.

Andrew Flegal said...

Oh the things I do to provide you with good blog material. You are welcome Love.

Jessica said...

My mouth was hanging open reading these "compliments." Craziness. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not. I can totally relate, I say stupid things all the time! Good for you for not taking offense.

Mike Flegal said...

YAY.. I hope to come see you cute kids this weekend!!!

Audra said...

I'm sorry! People say stupid things sometimes. I got a lot of crap about Kate's ears and now I get a lot of crap about her high voice. It has taken me a lot time but I let it roll of my back. You were right, our salvation is more important! Love you!

P.s. I thought of you today! e-mail and I'll tell you! It is a good thing I promise!

B-dizzle said...


Liz Green said...

Ha! Ha! Truman know the cat and the hat song too. We should skype and get our boys to sing together.