Thursday, January 27, 2011

girl talk

She is growing up.

As I went through her backpack this morning, I came across another family portrait.

Her teacher went ahead and labeled each family member. Underneath the name "Henry" she wrote (per Eliza's request), "as a girl." Eliza went onto explain that only girls could have "glitter shirts." A moment passed before she added,

"A Fairy Godmother came and turned Henry into a girl!!"

This morning as her "two sisters" slept, we went through our usual morning routine. I love when I'm unexpectedly given a one on one moment with her. My world used to be full of them, but now that there's more of us to love, I feel it's important that I soak up these simple interactions.

As we talked, she made it clear that she is not boy crazy.

"Boys aren't cute. They are too boy-ee."

A boy recently asked her to be his girlfriend and sadly, he was shot down. Her best friend at preschool LOVES the boys, but Eliza isn't interested. Yet. Based on my childhood experiences, I have to wonder whose child is she!?! Here's hoping this continues into her twenties.

I love girl talk; especially if its with my four year old.

This is where I previously intended to make some lame connection between girl talk and eating Cafe Rio. Let's skip that part and just jump back to Tuesday night when we had the missionaries over for dinner.

On the menu: Cafe Rio! I can't believe it has taken me so long to attempt this. Thank you Jess for pointing me to a recipe that delivered spot on results. When Andrew tasted the cilantro ranch dressing for the first time, he hugged me. I like it when he does that.

Yesterday, we met some friends at Monkey Joes to help a special friend celebrate her fourth birthday.

I know. I need a haircut. STAT.

It's been awhile since I've been able to properly visit with the Mama's from last year's preschool co-op. Yes, I see them at Church each week but the opportunity to have a good chat has been challenging as we've all been busy.

Lottie came first. Kelsey arrived a month later, followed by our good friend Clayton and then finally, our little buddy Logan arrived just in time for Christmas.They are four of the ten babies who were born in our ward in 2010. Nursery's going to be a happening place in 18 months.


*Jess* said...

I love that all those babies will grow up together and remain friends :)

Jennifer Anne said...

Your future nursery sounds like ours, well one of the four anyway! Love the fairy godmother story. Brynn always tries to figure out ways to get Scott to turn into a girl.... no luck yet!

Audra said...

I love that last picture of Lottie, she looks like she has gas!

Liz Green said...

I love Eliza's comment that boys aren't cute because they are too boyee. It reminds me of Truman how whenever someone calls him he will say, "I'm not a girl. Boys are handsome"

Sara M. Taylor said...

I love Eliza's comment about the fairies turning Henry into a girl. She is too cute. Love the family snow people. You guys sure got a lot of snow!

Mike Flegal said...

Note to self, Do NOT wear my sequined sparkley shirt around Eliza.. Point taken, thanks Ali!
See you this weekend!!!