Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a splash!

I made two discoveries today. The first is that we live a few minutes away from this delightful park/splash pad.

The seconds discovery is that my baby has red (?) hair.
Am I making it up?

Returning to the day's adventure, we were lucky that the Chamberlain chicks were able to accept our invitation to come play with us.
Cute Callie
Miss Mia
Henry's pal, Sara.

I know. I am a broken record; but seriously it's great that we get to spend time with these cute girls once a week rather than our former average of once a year (not an exaggeration).

That's Eliza. In case you forgot.

And while she plays the part of spectator well, Lottie was thrilled to be an active participant in the splashing too.

Ugly beefy Ali arms, cute little Lottie.

We like to keep things balanced between the two of us.


Karen said...

Ali, you look good. What a fun day. That's nice to have that so close.

*Jess* said...

you were wearing jackets in a post last week! Is it really warm enough for water play there?